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    Thumbs down Check this guy out.

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    Lol nice comb over.
    Type 1 diabetic for 25 years.
    Low carb for 7 years, LC Primal for 2.5 of those.
    Fruit and starch free.
    Total weight loss- 3 stone/42 pounds. Current weight = 121 pounds. Height 5'5
    I take Zymessence systemic enzymes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Article
    Cereal grains are currently the most important nutritional component of the human diet—and for thousands of years grains have been recognized as staples—necessary foods—and extolled as “the staff of life
    All BullShit. It is your choice to be Paleo or not. We have all proven that Paleo is the healthiest way to go. You choose your own path in life, and go with it. I suggest you read the links below my message.


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    My question for the good man is what did humans eat before the advent of intensive grain (starch) agriculture? All the starch he mentioned have been introduced to the human diet only very recently. Humans have been around for three million years. As for his starches they only became an integral part of the human diet some 6,000 years ago. So for .2% of our history humans have been starch eaters and for 99.8% of the time we did what, eat air?

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    LOL, Queen to the comb over.
    McDougal seems to be mired in the thinking that has got our society physically sick!

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    I dunno, a lot of grain eating populations don't seem like they were very healthy to me. The ancient Egyptians had a surprisingly high number of obesity and tooth disease, if I'm not mistaken, and Asians are famous for being small and short, although their height seems to be increasing in the modern world (Probably do to more stable food supply, and more meat ).

    And besides, humans did very well without grains. When scientists looked at the bones of cavemen, they were typically very dense and strong, no? And cavemen were quite a bit taller than the grain eaters that proceeded them.
    Remember, you are unique just like everybody else.

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    I know from experience humans aren't obligate starch consumers. If they were I, as would the eskimos and maasia, would be dead a long time ago. Let's all respond to one claim he makes.

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    One quaint part is the leap from 'starch consumers' (because we produce salivary amylase - so far, so good) to 'obligate starch consumers' to grains. Because grains are the only starch available, right?

    "Starches, not green and yellow vegetables and fruits, must make up the bulk of the meals for satisfaction and proper nutrition."
    Right. That kale is just taking up space that could more usefully be filled with a nice, nutritious wheat roll. Yum.

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    I did McDougall's plan for awhile as a teenager- about 16 years ago. It sucked (it's very low fat and bland!) and I was hungry all the time!

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    DR. McDOUGALL! ..... ROFL.

    Been there, did that, back in 1994. Yeast, exhaustion, high blood pressure (when he promised low), never could get any balance. Absolutely CRAVED any kind of oil or fat. Lost ten pounds (which ten?) but got stuck. After a few months of misery, struggling with what I was eating, gas, and indigestion, I finally added about 1 tablespoonful of olive oil a day, which seemed like paradise. Hay fever was just as bad as ever, or maybe a little worse.

    My blood pressure stubbornly remained marginally high, till the day I gave in and ate a turkey sandwich. It dropped twenty points in a couple of hours.

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