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Thread: Primal Infant Nutrition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post

    as far as the pediatrician goes, if s/he is threatening to call cps, i would not stop going to a pediatrician. i would call a lactation consultant who is pro-extended nursing and ask her which doctors she likes to work with. then i would have all of your daughter's medical records changed over to that doctor. this covers your butt in case the old doc DOES call cps- you look less like you're an extremist, negligent parent and more like you were seeking a second opinion. sure, if your old doc reports you, in the end your family will probably stay together. but do you really want to RISK the possibility of forced separation, cessation of breastfeeding, and legal costs because that doctor is ignorant and power hungry?

    FWIW here in the US a Pedatrician is just a GP who only sees children. we take our kids to a great practice, that has 2 LCs on Staff - though there is one bone headed idiot - who told me bf babies can't have reflux... & he always tells new parents that they NEED to supplement w/formula...he is getting better, b/c he's giving less of that advice now that there are more physcians on staff that either have or are bfing... so he's learning...

    here's two links for finding an LC

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    I would be finding a different ped as well and NOT bring up the topic of food. Be evasive and nod a lot. We don't generally go to the ped either, good place for the kid to pick up an illness as the pp said.

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