Alright, just a quicky as I am up past when I should be. I did...ok.

I actually managed to eat something for lunch even if it was just a few handfuls of trail mix.

Unfortunately they were handing out free cookies at the bank. I only had one.

Dinner was eating out again. (friend's b-day) I had:

*5-6 breaded shrimp
*side salad with olive oil and vinegar
*spinach artichoke dip with veggies
*2 small pieces of the beer bread
*1/2 & 1/2 cranberry juice spritzer

I probably could have done better but honestly, the place is a brewery. Their entrees are TERRIBLE. The only thing that is remotely edible is the appetizers and the bread. The last time I tried to eat there I tried to go primal and I got a raw pork steak thing that made me want to vomit. So...I am not feeling all that guilty.

The next two days I will not be home at all, so I am just going to have to do the best that I can. I am going to hit this Primal thing HARD on Monday though! Monday is going to be my first real primal day. Wish me luck!