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Thread: Results for thyroid, chol., Vit D

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    Results for thyroid, chol., Vit D- Update!

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    Okay maybe someone can help me out here. I will go into to discuss results with dr. end of week or next week. Still waiting on saliva test for hormones and adrenals, but here is the blood results.

    Cholesterol 223 (states out of range, high no other numbers listed)

    D 60

    Free T3 2.5 Range 2.3-4.2
    Free T4 1.6 Range .7-1.5
    Thyroid Peroxidase Auto Ab 523 0-35
    TSH 5.46 Range .40-5.00 endos. range is 3.0 max

    So based on thyroid I am guessing that hypo.

    What do I need to know about cholesterol?
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    I'd like to see lab ranges before commenting on the thyroid numbers. That being said, one symptom of hypothyroidism is high(er) cholesterol.

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    Your D levels are good, as far as your cholesterol levels though... the number is pointless. The total cholesterol number is almost completely worthless in assessing your health so it's pretty much just money of yours that your doctor threw away. The bare minimum test for useful readings from cholesterol is one that tests HDL/LDL/Tri levels but there are even more accurate tests out there which specifically test the specifics of each of those subsets.

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    My doctor did the same thing--ordered total cholesterol. What a waste of time and money! I have to think it's driven by the statin-pushers. Life is simpler and more profitable if the prescription pad comes out as soon as you're above one number. The whole HDL/fluffy LDL info must be exasperating for them!

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    I was surprised to see the overall cholesterol because my mom went to her and she tested everything... hdl/ldl

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    Well you clearly have Hashimoto's... your antibodies are insanely high

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    Definitely Hashimotos thyroiditis. When they help your thyroid your cholesterol should improve some too!

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    There is TOO much information on the web and much of it contradicts each other. Right now diet is an area I want to be clear in. Does anyone have a good link? Also I am reading that broccoli, brussel sprouts, spinach are bad for hypothyroid. These are foods I eat ALL the time. Are they okay cooked?

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    Betty... start with , google Mary Shomon and read her stuff on thyroid. She has a newsletter as well.

    I eat all of those foods... from what I've gathered, cooking makes a big difference and makes them less goitogenic. I don't eat them every single day though... I rotate them through just so I don't overload.

    I know it's all seriously overwhelming. But just take it one step at a time, and it will come. If you go to the groups section on this website, there's a thyroid group. Look through the posts (there's not that many) but there are a few recommendations, websites and links to get you started.
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    Thanks Minxxa! I did search through some of the posts. I will check out the group too.

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