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Thread: Sardines and heartburn/"flaming belches"

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    Question Sardines and heartburn/"flaming belches"

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    Anyone else have slight issues with sardines? I had a tin of sardines (wild caught, in olive oil), and had some indigestion problems shortly afterward. Is it the high omega-3 content (1000mg)? Why does this happen, if omega-3 is supposed to be healthy? Why is my body protesting, and how can I remedy the situation without giving up healthy omega-3 fatty acids?

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    No idea, but sardines are usually brined, so high salt content?

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    It could just be the fatty fish oils. I know some of the brands of "fish oil" capsules they sell are marketed as "burpless" - so apparently the oil causes a bit of fish-burpy goodness in some people. Do you eat the sardines with anything, or just straight? You could try tamping down the reaction by eating them with other foods.

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