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Thread: Inflamation & Autoimmune response

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    Inflamation & Autoimmune response

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    I went to my Chiropractor yesterday b/c I woke up at 3am with a lovely little migraine...I was out so he adjusted me... I then commented to him that both my arms/hands were going numb (when sleeping, nursing my son, or just staying in one position for too long like typing on the keyboard at work)

    he rebalanced my meridians, and adjusted my shoulders, elbows and wrists - then commented that numbness in both arms/hand at the same time is a sign of inflamation and he asked if I'd been eating an gluten - the answer was no of course... then he asked if I was doing/eating anything different - and I told him about the PB (he was interested as he has all of his patients go GF for 3months to see if their problems improve) and he commented well, your body is detoxing, and as you start to burn your fat stores, you're releasing some toxins hence why your having some of these auto immune responses...

    make sense - Wonder if any one else experienced any unusual symptoms when they started PB.... I realize it may take a while for all the inflamation of years of CW to leave my body - but I am seeing improvement... initially I gained weight on PB, as I shifted my cals from carbs to a proper fat/protein/carb I'm seeing that initial weight gain come off and I expect to begin to see more as I continue to remove things from my diet (I'm working on cutting the tie with/dairy)

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    If you have inflammation issues, you should see them reduce with the PB diet, although I'm not sure exactly why your choiropractor thinks you do, from this description.

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    Eating PB will reduce inflammation. Avoid dairy because its inflammatory.

    I went through a real rollercoaster low carb flu that lasted a long time. I have no problems now.

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    I sometimes wonder if that low carb flu couldn't be a fungus die-off. Going primal will lead to elimination of any hidden fungus problems with a resultant collection of evil feelings and sykmptoms. Is there a biological, chemical, scientific explanation why a sudden drop in carbohydrate intake will cause the dastardly lc flu?
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