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    You know, I thought I had my barefoot running down, until I recently attended a MovNat workshop with Erwan De Corre. He had with him a chap called Naeem - Naeem, a POSE coach, made some very pertinent remarks regarding my running style which I would not have noted amongst any amount of DVD's or books on the topic. Basically I was landing to heavy on the ball of my foot - kind of slapping it down onto the ground using excessive plantar flexion of the ankle. As a result of this revelation(!) I am re-educating myself on barefoot running and will hopefully be doing a workshop with a master trainer in Chi Running in the new year.

    I think having personal instruction in running is not a bad idea at all, the idea that we can all run without any training in technique is difficult for me to believe now.

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    Yes, the first thing people do when they think "forefoot landing" is to force their foot down forefoot first instead of just relaxing. It's a great way to get a stress fracture.


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    Live near a beach? I built up my barefoot ability doing runs at the beach I live a few hours from. After building up my legs and feet I then started wearing the VFFs and had little issue.

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