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Thread: Anyone heard of or know anything about Sensa?

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    Anyone heard of or know anything about Sensa?

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    Does it sound too good to be true? How unhealthy could it be?

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    ridiculous. What the hell are the "tastants" anyways?

    Don't even go to the website. It has annoying pop-ups when you try to leave. Total waste of time.
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    I just found that after i posted as well. I found the ingredients and they are things like maltodextrin, silica etc. Mmmmm, silica...

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    We sell it at my work. It is $90. I think it is a sham. There is a waitress in her early 50s who has come in to buy it twice. It lasts 60 days per pack. She looks no different to me from first purchase to second purchase, though she says she is happy with the results. Save your money.

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    How to lose weight without dieting, option 1: eat all the real food you want. Option 2: sprinkle an interesting new powder on your food. Thus far I'm pretty happy with option 1, thanks.

    (Also I'd be amazed if a nutrient-deprived body couldn't override whatever the interesting new powder does in short order and create more cravings.)

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