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    Being a huge guy

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    Well it hasn't been hard to stay committed to the program, it is hard however to see results. I mean, my face is smaller, my waist has even gone in a little... Griff says I'm losing, he sees the difference, but I suppose I don't see it fast enough. I mean if some of you lost 25 pounds it's a tremendous change. For me, it's just been... subtle.

    I suppose I should be happy with the way I feel, the urges not being there. And after all it has only been 29 days since I've started. And come on, starting a food program during the holidays? What kind of freak am I?

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    I certainly understand what you are saying! When you have alot to lose 25 pounds really does not make a big visual difference, and it can get discouraging. Its important to find other motivators and measuring tools. I, too , have lost more than many people set out to lose all together, and hard to tell that I have lost anything. But we have to hang in there!

    Keep up the good work
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    I know where you are coming from. I've been at this a few months and have lost a little over 30 lbs. Others have commented that they notice. I notice in that clothes are feeling loose but I'm still BIG. I feel tons better though and that is plenty of incentive to stay with it. I commented the other day that I can lose another 150lbs and still be considered obese according to the BMI chart. Just keep plugging away and know that the weight will come off and you'll be healthier and feel better each day.
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    I think of it like this. When you have a little beach bucket of sand and you take a cupful of sand out, it will show. But when you have a whole sandbox full of sand, one cupful doesn't make a difference that shows. Even so, you've still removed a cupful of sand. A loss of 25 pounds is a loss of 25 pounds. You're doing well, hon. Keep it up.
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    Yeah dude, Griff's analogy is a very good one. Keep up the hard work, even for us smaller guys patience is important. The smaller you get the slower everything is so yeah, keep plugging away and enjoy life. You're lucky to have a guy like Griff by your side for guidance and support.

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    That's almost a pound a day, man. Wow! I would try not to think in terms of any less than 6 months before really "assessing" where you are at. 29 days will not make or break anyone's health.

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    I try to think of it this way:
    No matter the weightloss method (short of amputations), even with stomach surgery, you lose weight one pound at a time. You have to pass through 25 pounds lost to get to 50, then 100. You're travelling in the right direction, and even if it doesn't feel like much, yet, it will be in time.

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    25 lbs. is a huge accomplishment, congrats! Keep it up, consistency is the key.

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    mate i think 25lbs is a great outcome so well done ...
    keep with it
    ive also found ive noticed my weight loss, which has been consistent and gradual, less than others around me ...

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    I've had extremely slow changes as well. They don't show up on the scale at all. I see more definition in hands and feet and now knees. It can be so maddeningly slow, and I just hope it's really in the right direction. (Or is the wasting of subcutaneous fat more an indication of stress from Miller Fisher Syndrome which I went through last spring?) If the scale doesn't change at all, but I see veins and tendons and dents I'm not used to seeing, hopefully this means that I'm replacing the muscle I lost from illness.

    Some people get huge changes in just a few weeks -- others don't. That doesn't mean that the old way of eating will bring anyone anything but misery.

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