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Thread: Soccer Carbs or Fat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmyMac703 View Post
    Not defending the sandwich and oatmeal, but it is a known fact that the oxygen cost of burning fat is higher than the oxygen cost of burning carbohydrate, which is why fat is generally less efficient as a fuel for cardio-intense activities.
    This may be true, but while on a high fat diet your body is producing ketones for energy. Which is a 28% more efficient energy source than carbohydrates/glucose. Incidentally the heart only works on ketones from fat, not glucose. Which may also explain my extremely high heart rate of 223 when doing HIIT. I am 42 years old, and it should not be possible according to CW.

    Ketone bodies are the preferred fuel of the heart, adrenal cortex, skeletal musculature and various parts of the brain; these tissues actually prefer to burn ketones, which conserves blood sugar (from refs in Eades & Eades, Protein Power, Bantam, 1998, p. 149)

    Get fully fat adapted and then see how your cardio exercises compare to your semi-fat adapted cardio strategies.
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    Joshy, for me, I don't like eating any closer to competition or practice than 2-3 hours otherwise I feel sick. I'd prefer to know my stomach is empty. I've tried eating some carbs 5-6 hours before competition/practice and I seem to be alright, other teammates are able to eat as they walk out to the field to put their boots on. Just experiment with what works for you. It will take a little time.
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    Thanks. I've tried a lot of things but it's been really hard for me to find noticable effects. The only time I even notice a correlation between what I eat and my performance is when I eat too much too close to game time - doesn't seem to matter what it is. I don't know if there actually is a difference and I don't notice it, or if my body runs just about the same off carbs and fat.

    I guess it doesn't really matter if I feel fine both ways, but it's frustrating because I want to squeez out some extra performance.

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    Im 16 aswell, i suggest if you want to add more fat, use eggs. They are cheap, even if you go for free range.
    Sometimes my parents dont buy free range, and opt for just the crappy 2$ cage eggs. Dont sweat it, while free range/organic is excellent, dont worry if you cant, it's not going to kill you.

    So maybe your breakfast could be eggs and bacon, or just eggs. Scrambled, omelete, whatever you like. I often squeeze a bit of barbecue source onto mine to make it a little nicer.

    Nuts, seeds are great for fat and protein aswell.
    However, dont worry if your in a position where you have to eat grain, such as a pizza with friends.
    Even 50-60% primal is better then nothing.

    Good luck with soccer.

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