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    Fat fast

    Anyone ever try the Atkins fat fast diet? Did it work and what did you eat? How many days did you do it for?

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    Yes, I've heard of it. Dr. Atkins recommended it only for people who were severely overweight and with severe metabolic problems.... and it was to be undertaken only under the supervision of a physician. Do you have a metabolic issue?

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    It's not a 'diet.' Dr. Atkins recommended it for people with severe metabolic problems (as noted above) and for no longer than 10 days!

    And he diagnosed the 'metabolic problems' in terms of someone eat <20g carbs a day, yet experiencing no weight loss or decrease in measurements for at least 6 weeks.

    However, if this is your situation, I'd recommend a check up rather than just going on the 'fat fast.' You may need some hormonal regulation.

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