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Thread: Going primal

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    Going primal

    Last weekend, I read Mastering Leptin by Byron Richards and started following his five rules. Shortly thereafter, I made it to this website, bought the Kindle edition of the Primal Blueprint because I was so impressed with what I read. I am currently still trying to follow Richards' five rules and am weaning myself off of grains/starchy carbs. In a few days after reading Mastering Leptin, I noticed that not snacking made a huge difference for me in terms of digestion, cravings, and energy.

    I am excited to finish my transition to the primal lifestyle. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and Sjogren's disease. I have a lot of problems with inflammation and skin disorders, low energy, and constant muscle pain. I would especially be interested in hearing from anyone who has overcome or significantly improved autoimmune disorders by going primal.

    I would also like to lose some weight but I refuse to get caught up in a numbers game any longer. I think that we, especially women, let numbers rule our lives (clothing sizes, weight, etc.). I stopped weighing myself in the last year. My goals are to lose my "muffin top" and just feel more comfortable in my skin. I doubt Grok hopped on a digital scale every morning and neither am I. I also want to be active with my young daughter.

    I can't wait to lift heavy things and sprint. This plan just makes so much sense to me on so many levels. I have read extensively about health and fitness for years and have had some successes with other plans and strategies. I followed Fat Flush and it helped me but it is way too obsetissive a protocol for me and every time I added back any grain, it was like a gateway drug. I think the primal lifestyle will be a much better fit for my personality.
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