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Thread: This sounds stupid, but, I need some ideas on how to "Play."

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    I love to swing at the playground... see how high I can go and freak myself out (I'm kinda afraid of heights). I race my dog in the dog park sometimes (sprints).

    Just ordered a jumprope from and look forward to getting it in the mail...

    I also bought a "boom ball" game meant for kids. It has 2 little paddles and a ball that you hit back and forth. Sounds easy but it is SO HARD because any "off" angle makes the ball go in a totally wrong direction. My husband and I have been playing that together. haha.

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    Any ideas</blockquote>

    The Exuberant Animal people are big on play. You&#39;d find some games on Frank Forenich&#39;s site:

    Or maybe have a look at one of his books:\

    They also provide a free PDF - haven&#39;t seen it, but possibly some games in there:

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    The Exuberant Animal web site and games look really good.

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    road tennis. No need for memberships or rules. Just try to hit the ball as hard as you can and make you opponent run really far to get the bal! LOL!

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