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    Zero carb

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    I noticed a blog topic by mark about why ZC is not practical. My question is how come people who follow a ZC diet are perfectly healthy?

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    They may be perfectly healthy in the beginning. I don't think there are any long term studies on ZC candidates that have produced any results thus far as far as I know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john_e_turner_ii View Post
    They may be perfectly healthy in the beginning. I don't think there are any long term studies on ZC candidates that have produced any results thus far as far as I know.

    I think it's obvious that a zero-carb (or as close as you can get, considering trace amounts in eggs, etc) works for a while. The body can manufacture the small amount of glucose necessary from protein via gluconeogenesis. Blah, blah. BUT, particularly in the absence of significant quantites of organ meats, marrow, etc., it isn't sustainable long term. Micronutrients count, too -- not just macros -- and the micros are mostly in veggies.
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    Inuit anybody? There's plenty of case studies supporting that groups of them ate nothing but meat, although I'd guess they got some organs. You can rule out evolution in that equation too, since there's also accounts of travelers living on the same diet for many years.

    I don't know what you mean by long term, but there was at least one study where they had subjects eat nothing but meat for an entire year. They had absolutely no health problems.

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    I expect it would depend on the quality/purity of the meat, and on whether or not you ate near enough the whole animal (like the Inuit). I think you'd get serious deficiencies if you tried to survive on just beef mince from Sainsburys or something like that.

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    I've only "heard" it's not healthy long term, but that's all. From my understanding if you eat the whole animal - everything but the fur and actual bone - you'll be perfectly healthy.

    I'd be curious if anyone has something that shows long term results from eating carnivore though. I've never really cared that much about it because it sounds SO boring!

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    Re: Inuit. Maybe there are other factors that make more of an impact than we're aware, ie: weather. Perhaps the body functions differently when it's in arctic regions than when it's in the desert, etc. Maybe things like the little lifeforms we ingest in different water and air compositions contribute to how our bodies function in different climes. You know, the whole logic behind why people should eat locally.

    What I would ask anyone that is considering doing anything that is really different from what they know is why? What is right for one is not for another and I am the last person to have all the answers. But that is irrelevant. What is important, is that any given person know why they do what they do. It is enough for me for someone to say, "I want to see how it affects my performance in sports," or "I have had a plateau in my weight loss efforts and I want to see if this will be a jumpstart," or "I'm just a science junkie and I am always viewing myself as a speciman. This is my latest experiment!" Those kinds of answers are thoughtful, so they contain more validity. When someone says, "Well, I want to look like (insert name of hot actor or model here) and I read somewhere that this is what they do," they lose a lot of credibility.

    So ... just be mindful of why you're doing it. Promise to be open-minded to the messages from your body and the opinions of others, so that you won't do something detrimental to yourself and be so focused on *the goal* that you lose sight of what is really important.

    Best wishes and best of health to you =)

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    I haven't read Mark's post yet but "practical" and "healthy" have nothing to do with each other. It's practical to eat a microwaveable dinner because you have to do next to nothing in order to eat it, but we all know it's not healthy.

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    The Inuit did eat more than meat. It has been shown that they ate berries and roots as well. They certainly were not zero carb.

    I suggest you go to Perfect Health Diet and read all about the dangers of zero carb. If your not eating organ meats or the best quality meat available, then don't do it.

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    see and the new posts on zero carb diets.
    you can easily get vitamin c, potassium, or other deficiencies. not that you will, but you can. is that a risk you're willing to take vs. a few veggies?

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