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Thread: Primal-ising "junk"

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    So here's the thing.

    I'm outta cash, full stop. I have a half-full freezer and won't starve, but I have some dried "pre-primal" bits and bobs hanging around.

    Now I'm first to admit that

    a) I have the willpower of a slug eyeing up a lettuce

    b) Therefore I am not 100% primal although I do try

    c) I feel much much better when being strict, counting carbs (which I intend to get back on for about a month *at some point*, until it's normal).

    So bearing all this in mind, is there any way I can eke out my meals by some voodoo on the following-

    - dried chick peas (I'm thinking sprouting?)

    - millet

    - quinoa

    - dried kidney beans (these are NOT sproutable / are toxic etc etc)

    - dried brown rice

    I have some wheat-free pasta but as well as tasting a bit manky it also has the carb-effect on me, so that will either be thrown away or be last rations!

    Alternatively, would I.F. be a better solution perhaps...?

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    What is your time frame? Are you trying to survive until friday or next month?

    You can sprout kidney beans, just don't eat them raw, google will find you some recipes. Millet, quinoa, brown rice; It could be worse. Soak them before you eat them. And add something fatty with them.

    I would think it better to use some of the non-primal stuff to round out a mostly primal meal, than it would be to eat all the primal stuff and then subsist off of non-primal stuff. But I don't really know.

    It's grandma, but you can call me sir.

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    Don't be hard on yourself. No one should judge you on what your are forced to do because of finances.

    Frankly, for the effort and w/o hard data about soaking and sprouting vs. not, I say just cook them as you want.

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    I think sometimes we have got to do what we have got to do. As awful as it might seem to leave the path of the ideal PB lifestyle you are trying to survive.

    I would not worry too much about it and use up what I have. Make as wise a food choice you can with what you are given.

    As OTB said..nobody should judge you!

    I am in a similar predicament as you and I do the best I can, even though the best might not be the best for others. At the moment I cannot afford to buy red meat, I am part of a family environment and have to participate in meals. I do most of the cooking and try to primalize them as much as I can.

    So good luck to you and I hope you are well!


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    I found a couple canisters in my cupboard- one has quinoa and the other wild rice. I abhor wasting food, so I'm going to eat them a little at a time.

    When I decided to go full PB, I just made a rule to not buy non-Primal foods as I gradually used up what I'd already bought.

    If you can find ways to make Primal use of your ingredients, go for it. If you can't find a way to modify them don't stress and just use them in a healthy way.

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    I have some quinoa, lentils and teff I bought a while ago before I went seriously primal. Sometimes I do eat them but I limit them to 3/4c cooked for the whole week. I add them to something primal to get a few extra calories and make sure that I get some thing fat with the extra carbs.

    Don't forgot to soak them before you cook them. I recommend soup, btw.

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    Thanks everyone, glad I'm not the only one I must admit.

    I did a stew, made sure to add in extra fat, but I seem to have become more sensitive to carbs. Oh well, technically a good sign!

    The quinoa and rice I'm not too bothered about, the former being all high protein and all, and the latter I tolerate pretty well. But I think adding them in as "padding" will be better than getting stuck with them at the end of the month!

    As for timeframe, I think about a month but the longer I can cope the better, if that makes sense? I should have ignored my landlord and ploughed up the lawn for veggies...

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    Good Luck. Don't beat yourself up, and keep your eyes open, there is a gardener down the street from me who put "free Veg" sign out on a basket of produce nearly every day. He grows more than he needs and gives away the rest. Local food bank might help too.

    It's grandma, but you can call me sir.

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