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Thread: What did you eat today for Thanksgiving?

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    What did you eat today for Thanksgiving?

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    I'll start the thread:
    I ate.. turkey,ham,collard greens and a slice of low carb cheesecake my friend made for me.

    It was hard as I watched my family eat potatoe salad,stuffing and lots of chocolate cake.

    but.. I felt better then everyone else!!!

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    I had turkey, ham, sausage stuffed mushrooms wrapped in bacon, roasted butternut squash tossed in fresh spinach and craisins, green beans and salad. Dessert was cheesecake and the inside of a canoli. I didn't find it difficult at all and I am stuffed.
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    I ate turkey and some killer prime rib. I was hoping to be able to knock out some veggies, but it was all casseroles with a bunch of extra junk in it. When I got home I was still hungry so I whipped up some eggs and bacon.
    Tell you the truth... I didn't really miss the extra food because I had a great time with my family and friends. Since I ate like a fool for years, I have to pay for my mistakes now. If I meet my goals next year, maybe I'll cheat a little, but not until I meet my goals.

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    Turkey, mashed sweet potatoes with a bit of coconut milk, stuffing (surprisingly primal) and half an avocado, my family had the same but they also had some white rice. I was surprised white rice was the only non primal thing on the table. I might be rubbing off on them.

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    Turkey, green beans, broccoli salad, sweet potato roast, a couple bites of leek mashed taters, pumpkin pie.

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    Turkey, collard greens and I splurged on a little bit of 18 layer chocolate cake. Not primal by any means but oh well. lol Thanksgiving is only once a year!

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    Turkey, stuffing (sausage, celery, onion, cranberries, chestnuts), butternut squash, green beans, homemade cranberry sauce (made from local cranberries), gravy and crustless pumpkin pie for dessert (made from local sugar pumpkins). Beverages were local fresh-pressed apple cider and some local cranberry wine.

    Still fell into a tryptophan coma.

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    Italian Pot Roast, pan-fried potatoes, broccoli, followed by baked chocolate coconut custard. Stuffed and happy!

    Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
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    I took my 20% day, as planned, but not as badly as I thought. Lunch was 1/4 venti HWC caramel macchiato, 1 HB egg, 4 grapes, and a slice of cheese.
    Dinner was honey glazed ham (comepletely homemade, home glazed, home smoked), spinach bacon salad, 3 summer rolls (homemade), mac & cheese (I... I've lost my taste for Dad's mac & cheese. o.O wtf?), 1/3 of a homemade roll (no real taste to it), green beans, garlic mashed potatoes, and vietnamese rice noodle salad (read: leftover summer roll filling) w/ 1 glass red, 1 glass white wine. ETA: ! forgot the small slice of chocoate cream pie and larger slice of PB-ish apple pecan pie.
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    Used my 20%. I went to my family's house. I had Turkey & Pork Shoulder with a big salad and little of potato salad, rice with green beans (cooked with coconut least that's a primal ingredient! LOL), and turkey stuffing.

    I did the dessert (at least) for the family. I made a Cocoa Primal Flan with a chocolate glazed. It was high fat, low carb, and sweetened only with bananas and stevia. It was a big hit! My family was surprised that the flan was sweet, but I didn't used table sugar!
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