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Thread: Primal Challenge Journal (ctgirl82)

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    Okay, this is my first post. I have been reading MDA for a while now, and researching the Primal/Paleo way of life. I have been trying to go Primal for about 3 weeks now. I have a few slip ups, dinners out and eating all the junk in my house, but now I am ready to commit. There is no more ice cream (my weakness) in my house so there should be no more temptation. I do love dairy and I still plan to eat cheese, although I am going to try to cut back to one serving a day.

    Starting stats:

    Age: 27

    Weight: 127

    Height: 5'2"

    Goal weight: 115

    Today's meal plan:

    Breakfast- 6 egg whites (i hate the taste of yolks) and three turkey sausage, pretty sure they aren't primal but I am going to finish them off and then switch to bacon.

    Lunch: Big salad with feta and handful of raw almonds

    Dinner: leftover burger from this weekend (no bun) on a big salad.

    I have a couple pieces of cheese if i need another snack, but I am going to try to go without since I had feta on my lunch salad.

    I am going to go to the gym and do weights and maybe take a kickboxing class.

    My carbs for the day are 43 grams. I want to try to stay under 50 the rest of this week until Saturday when I plan to have a few drinks, we are going to our first college football game of the year (we are season ticket holders) and we tailgate before the game.

    This was a really long first post.......

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    It sounds like you are off to a great start. I think you are right on track with keeping carbs under 50 for weight loss. Don't forget to eat plenty of healthy fats. Don't be surprised if you lose the desire to eat ice cream. I passed on a fresh donut yesterday, maybe the first time in my life. I had no desire to eat it. If you can get used to egg yolks, they are loaded with nutrients, especially if you can find free range and high omega 3 eggs such as Christopher's, which have 660 mg of omega 3 per egg (all in the yolk).

    I look forward to hearing your progress. I sure wish I had been eating this way when I was only 27. You will be saving yourself lots of trouble with weight, hormones, mood swings, etc, in the years to come. Good for you. It has taken me about three years to go 100% Primal, so do cut yourself some slack. It is a bit of a process, but the faster you get it done, the sooner you can feel really good.


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    Thanks Debra! I might try slowly adding in egg yolks, because I want to get as many nutrients as possible.

    I hope that my cravings go away, the past few weeks I have been eating fruit and I find that eating even an apple with almond butter really intensifies my cravings, so I am going to cut out fruit for now.

    Just cutting out grains, pasta, potatoes has helped my moods, I have been sleeping better, and my IBS has all but disappeared.

    I haven't found coconut oil yet, so is Olive oil a good fat to use?

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    Yesterday was a great day. I went to the gym and took a cardio kickboxing class. The workout felt great and I got really into the punches and the kicks. I think I am going to take that class again. It beats the cardio machines!!!

    I ended the day at 1400 calories yesterday and about 43 carbs.

    I am going to start tracking all my ratios on here. Oh- this morning I weighed- 126 pounds! Down a pound! I know it is going to be water weight at first from my big weekend of eating ice cream and junk, but it feels great to see the scale moving down already.

    Today's food plan:

    Breakfast- 6 egg whites and 3 turkey sausage links

    Lunch- can of tuna mixed with 2 tablespoons mayo (the kind with EVOO in it) on a bed of tomatoes and cucumbers

    Snack- handful of raw almonds

    Dinner- grilled chicken sausage from Trader Joe's, basil pesto flavor with a side of green beans

    WOD- Functional strength class at gym (lots of lunges, squats compounded with upper body exercises)

    1295 calories

    Fat - 41.3% (59 grams)

    Protein - 48.3% (156 grams)

    Carbohydrates - 9.5% (31 grams)

    Alcohol - 0%

    Other - 0%

    I know I am low on calories. I will need to try to fit in another snack or maybe have another sausage with dinner? I am trying to not have any dairy today.

    Oh- and I am going to try to only drink water, no more crystal light or diet sodas every day. Only occasionally.

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    Ugh, I am so embarassed to say that I did horrible last night. My fiance came home and wanted to go to our fav local pub to have a few beers and some happy hour chicken wings, and since he had a rough day I agreed. I know that I didn't have to drink the beer or eat the wings, but I am not strong enough yet. So then after that, we get home and I eat a brownie just because we have them left over from the party we had over the weekend. At least now the brownies are gone. The ice cream is gone. I am going to make it a point to not bring anything else like that into the house.

    So the scale was back up to 126.8 today.

    I have to be good today and tomorrow because Saturday is going to be hard!!! I am going to do my best to stay as Primal as possible but I do plan to drink- what is a tailgate without drinking?- and my cravings always get worse when I drink.

    This whole month is going to be hard. We have 2 Jewish holidays (my fiance is Jewish) which means 4 dinners with his family, we have 2 football games and 1 wedding. That is a lot of situations where I don't have a lot of control over my food. I am not going to make a big fuss or not attend these things, so I am going to do the best I can. Be extra good during the week especially.

    So today's plan is similar to yesterday's, since I didn't eat that dinner last night, I will have it tonight.

    Calories: 1372

    Fat - 42.3% (64 grams)

    Protein - 48.3% (165 grams)

    Carbohydrates - 9.5% (32 grams)

    Alcohol - 0%

    Other - 0%

    WOD: Kickboxing class

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    It was a non-primal weekend. Well, at least Saturday was. I did okay Friday and Sunday, but Saturday was a mess, I ate a bagel, hashbrowns, drank beer, ate chips and then had pizza and garlic bread. I am still not feeling well from it. I am bloated and sluggish and it was not worth it.

    I got my book over the weekend and I read it cover to cover last night. I loved reading about the Korgs and seeing so many of my habits in Kelly Korg. I really want to succeed in this way of life and I do GREAT when there is no social event I have to attend. I get pressured to eat what everyone else is eating and then once I start, I can't stop.

    Today's weight is back up to 127.4 because of Saturday's carbfest.

    My food plan for today is a lot better:

    Breakfast- 2 eggs (whole eggs, I am learning to like yolks) cooked in butter and 4 slices center cut bacon.

    Lunch- salad with tomato, cucumber and avocado with a homemade dressing made with cold pressed olive oil.

    Snack- almonds

    Dinner- grilled butterflied leg of lamb with a side of green beans.

    Calories- 1376

    Fat - 57.4% (89 grams)

    Protein - 31.3% (110 grams)

    Carbohydrates - 11.3% (39 grams)

    Alcohol - 0%

    Other - 0%

    Daily Sodium Intake - 916 mg

    Daily Sugar Intake - 16 grams

    Daily Cholesterol Intake - 820 mg

    Daily Saturated Fat Intake - 24 grams

    Daily Fiber Intake - 17 grams

    I am going to go to the gym tonight and do a weight workout.

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    I did great yesterday. I did weights for triceps and weights for chest last night at the gym, and then 30 minutes on the stairmill.

    My food plan changed slightly, instead of the lamb last night, I had an omelet. I got home too late to fuss with major dinner. Overall a very primal day

    Today's food plan is simlar to yesterday. I plan to have the lamb for dinner tonight.

    I had real eggs for breakfast again, although I did gag a little on the yolk part today. Cooking in butter seems to help!

    Calories- 1538

    Fat - 61.5% (107 grams)

    Protein - 27.8% (109 grams)

    Carbohydrates - 10.7% (42 grams)

    Alcohol - 0%

    Other - 0%

    Daily Sodium Intake - 911 mg

    Daily Sugar Intake - 17 grams

    Daily Cholesterol Intake - 828 mg

    Daily Saturated Fat Intake - 30 grams

    Daily Fiber Intake - 18 grams

    I feel a little high on calories today. Maybe it was the extra couple slices of bacon I had this morning and I can't really figure out how many calories are in the dressing I am using for my salad.

    I really need to lose weight, so I want to track my calories as well as my other ratios.

    3 months until my wedding and I have 10 pounds to go.

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    Yesterday was a super stressful day. They laid off 20% of my department. I was among the lucky ones who still has a job, however I had to deal with my friends and co-workers being let go. Instead of eating or drinking to deal with my stress, I went to the gym.

    I took out my frustrations in kickboxing class, kicking and punching with all my might. Then I did weights for back and biceps.

    I ate a nice Primal dinner and was feeling snacky later in the evening so I had some pork rinds. They were a great substitute for chips or popcorn, and 7 grams of protein per serving!

    Today I am either going to do light cardio or a long walk with the dogs depending on if it is raining or not.

    Food plan for today is good:

    Breakfast- 2 eggs cooked in butter, 4 slices of bacon ( I am actually enjoying the egg yolks now I think!)

    Lunch- salad with 1/2 an avocado, homemade dressing with cold pressed olive oil.

    Dinner- grilled chicken breast and a side of steamed green beans.

    Snack (if needed)- handful of almonds

    Calories- 1394

    Fat - 61.9% (97 grams)

    Protein - 27.1% (96 grams)

    Carbohydrates - 11.1% (39 grams)

    Alcohol - 0%

    Other - 0%

    Daily Sodium Intake - 901 mg

    Daily Sugar Intake - 16 grams

    Daily Cholesterol Intake - 753 mg

    Daily Saturated Fat Intake - 24 grams

    Daily Fiber Intake - 16 grams

    I weighed myself today- 126.6

    If I keep cheating on the weekends, I am never going to lose this weight. I need to commit to eating as Primal as I can all the time.

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    My weight is dropping again. 125 this morning.

    I did great again yesterday. I was tired and sore from my workouts Monday and Tuesday so I took a rest day. It felt great.

    So today is my 4th day of being under 50g of carbs and really watching what I eat. This weekend is going to be another challenge with Rosh Hashanah on Friday night and then a wedding on Saturday. I have decided that there is NO cheating this weekend. I will have a few glasses of red wine Saturday at the wedding and that is as indulgent as I will get. No cake, no dessert, no bread, no junk. Period.

    Last weekend I went into it with the mindset that I was going to allow myself to cheat on Saturday and that set me back a whole week.

    Today's plan:

    Breakfast- 2 eggs cooked in butter and 4 slices bacon

    Lunch- tomatos, avocado and chicken diced up and tossed in a small amount of ranch dressing.

    Snack- 1 oz almonds

    Dinner- Leg of lamb with steamed broccoli and califlower

    Calories- 1506

    Fat - 63.1% (106 grams)

    Protein - 28% (105 grams)

    Carbohydrates - 8.8% (33 grams)

    Alcohol - 0%

    Other - 0%

    Daily Sodium Intake - 1,315 mg

    Daily Sugar Intake - 13 grams

    Daily Cholesterol Intake - 852 mg

    Daily Saturated Fat Intake - 35 grams

    Daily Fiber Intake - 13 grams

    I am going to take kickboxing class tonight and then do weights for shoulders and legs. That will make 3 weight training sessions this week and three cardio sessions.

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    Another great day under my belt. That was 4 in a row!

    I forgot to weigh this morning, but I feel very thin. My stomach is flat and I have lots of energy. I am not tracking my ratios/calories today because of the holiday- Rosh Hashanah. It is nearly impossible, so I am just going to do my best.

    Breakfast- 2 eggs cooked in butter, 4 strips bacon, coffee with cream (my Friday morning treat is always coffee)

    Lunch- 1/2 pound of leftover lamb from last night (YUMMO! A big plate of meat)

    Dinner: This is what I am going to plan to eat

    -Salad with full fat dressing, not sure what kind but I will pick the lowest in sugar.

    -Egg salad

    -matzo ball soup (chicken soup with matzo balls in it) but I am not going to eat the matzo balls.

    -chicken and beef brisket

    - asparagus or brussel sprout or whatever green veg they have

    That doesn't sound too bad, right? No bread, no matzo balls, no potatos, no dessert.

    Maybe a glass or two of red wine but I want to save that treat for Saturday night.

    I hope I can report back Monday that I did GREAT this weekend. I am really going to try!!!!!

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