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Thread: 20% of Vibram Fivefingers on Black Friday

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    20% of Vibram Fivefingers on Black Friday

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    Thought I'd share... is having 20% off everything in their store on Friday. They carry a lot of different kinds of VFFs. I purchased my KSO Treks from there... very reliable, fast shipping, no counterfeits.

    They also carry a few different types of Vivo Barefoot shoes too!

    Anyone know of anywhere else that's having a good black friday sale on Vibrams? I'm looking for the pink Performa Janes and Pegasus Shoes doesn't have em!
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    doh that would have been good to know! In better news I bought a kick ass pair of Sprints off of the website in my size today - the Red/Black ones!

    woo woo! My current pair is a size too large and uber stinky!

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