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Thread: I am kind of scared

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    Honestly, we could all be wrong.

    Believing to be right and to have the conclusive research to prove your point is not a guarantee, as shown by how compelling the evidence against fat looked years ago.

    If you want to make sure your new greasy diet is not bad for you, the best serious proof of the pudding is periodical blood tests.

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    Honestly, oddly enough, I recently did a search for "saturated fat heart disease" in google and pretty much every link that came up was claiming that saturated fat actually doesn't cause heart disease at all. Seriously, try searching it and reading the links. I would say that at least 4/5 of the ones on the first few pages said that saturated fats don't cause heart disease.

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    Basically just research your own studies and decide for yourself.

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    I am on board with deciding for myself, I guess I want to know if the general population of this forum limits any amount of their fat intake. I eat a lot of pastured and grass fed meat and eggs, have started cooking with lard and I snack on nuts so I would imagine that puts my total fat consumption fairly high. I have read some other blogs that recommend eating 60-70% fat, but the PB concept (ie eating more veggies etc) seems more reasonable. I would appreciate it if anyone would share their estimated fat intake and energy levels.

    I guess the questions that float in my mind are how many eggs are too many, should I eat these delicious homemade pork cracklings or toss them etc.


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    I don't count calories or calculate ratios, just follow my appetite -- when I'm hungry, I go for fat first and protein second, and it all seems to work out just fine. Just pay attention to your body and how it reacts, and you should have little problem eating whatever the right amount of fat may be.

    (And HOMEMADE cracklins should NEVER be tossed out. Save em for next time!)

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    I don't worry about how much fat I take in (and it's a significant amount). My stomach tells me when I've had enough. I mean really, you can only eat so much.

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