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    Anyone eating acorns or acorn derivatives?

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    Given primal recipes often use almond flour or similar items I was curious to see if anyone was using acorns in cooking or, if not, if anyone would consider doing so primal in light of this series of posts I recently read (on a blog with which I have no affiliation):

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    They're quite hard work, aren't they? Just got a copy of 'Food for Free' which describes roasting, grinding and re-roasting to make flour, and reading through the description on the blog it all sounds massively laborious. Makes me feel much as I do when I read about how to make grains safe to eat with sprouting, fermenting etc: it's so much simpler not to eat them at all.

    Now chestnuts, on the other hand... oh, how I wish I could find a tree round here.

    That's a fascinating blog, though - thanks for the link.

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    Hilary- I made the mistake of befriending several neighbors with producing pecan trees and telling them I love the nut. "Take 'em! Take 'em all! We don't use 'em and are tired of the squirrels." So now I have 3 paper sakcs of pecans to take care of eventually, with more pecans on the way.
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