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Thread: How bad are those pre-cooked chickens at the store? page

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    How bad are those pre-cooked chickens at the store?

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    I recently broke my collarbone. Since I live alone, this has greatly limited my ability to cook (and wash dishes, etc.). I've been buying these pre-cooked chickens but they never list any ingredients. They are usually flavored with bbq or 'lemon-pepper' or something similar so I imagine they are not totally primal. I know I'll have to make some concessions until I can cook for myself again but I wonder if anyone knows how bad these really are. Or has any other suggestions - looking for stuff with super minimal cooking prep and cleanup.

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    Probably no worse than any other chicken parts you can buy.
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    It really depends. We get them on occasion and some have ingredients and others don't, one brand had MSG, but that was the worst ingredient.

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    not much worse than regular uncooked chicken i would imagine, but that's not saying much. personally, i struggle to buy a bird that i know has been raised in confined, overpopulated, diseased conditions living in its own shit up to its knees.

    if it wasn't raised free range i won't buy it - but there are always exceptions. Like when I eat out.

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    Our local indie grocery store sells these - but they're in the deli, so I assume they're just pre-roasted, with no added anything (and I'm not gonna complain - I know the family who owns it well (the daughter was at school and pony club with my sister) so, if I go in just before closing time, I can usually get stuff gratis that would otherwise be binned).

    They're fairly good about sourcing locally produced meats (but I couldn't say whether they're pastured or grain fed; at the prices they sell them at, I would suspect the latter...)
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    I'll devour one in one sitting. It's a nice treat. Better than a brownie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diana Renata View Post
    I'll devour one in one sitting. It's a nice treat. Better than a brownie.
    My wife would ask me if I was some sort of animal because I would put the whole bird on my plate (after the family got their pieces) and pick it clean.

    Even if it's bad, it's good stuff.

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    I agree with DR better than a brownie. Heck you are temporarily disabled so go for the chicken.
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    I get them from Costco occasionally...I think (at least the ones from Costco) are injected with a brine-type solution to keep them moist as they cook so the salt levels might be much higher than you'd expect. The flavorings on the outside sorta just taste like salt/pepper/spices, but who knows for sure. When I've gotten them at Whole Foods (at least they're organic and hormone free birds), I buy the ones without special flavorings b/c they usually have sugar added...esp if it's a BBQ sauce. Can't be much, but I happen like plain roasted chicken/skin so that's what I go for. I'm sure its not as healthy as if you did it at home yourself, but there are definitely much worse choices. If I were in your shoes, I'd go for the pre roasted chickens.
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    i get those all of the time. there's a store near me that doesn't coat them in barbecue sauce or anything like other stores. it's pretty much just the chicken and whatever was given to the chicken to plump it up a bit (usually some injection in the meat like kennellmom said). i'll usually get them when i don't have time to cook and need some meat to throw on a salad, but more often than not i just stand at the counter trying to fit the entire carcass in my mouth.

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