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Thread: Saoirse's Primal Journal

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    Really, guys? Blah blah blah men suck, blah blah blah women suck.
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    I have a new site up and will soon be blogging at The Wayward Mind. (My journal is semi-retired at this point)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
    Really, guys? Blah blah blah men suck, blah blah blah women suck.
    LOL Patrick. Yerp, I agree with you, we all do suck from time to time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geostump View Post
    I honestly think women are still taught that to be successful in a marriage means that you have to give up yourself to the marriage. Meaning that your wants, dreams, desires, etc just aren't important because you have to serve your man.
    that has been my experience in my marriage, but i'm learning that a lot of my friends have been able to escape that. it has to do with expectations prior to marriage; he was looking for a housewife and i never intended to agree to that arrangement. i was actually told in the beginning of my marriage that it was my responsibility to submit to him.

    blah blah blah, wo/men suck.

    the commercials were right, stress does increase belly fat. ugh.

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    Someone told me once that you should start the marriage how you want it to end up. Where was this person BEFORE I got married?

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    no joke. sounds like common sense, until you realize how hard it is to get the marriage thing "right". also, most people aren't capable of analyzing their relationship critically when they're in that "head over heels," twitterpated honeymoon stage. so it might seem right from the beginning. hah, if only our marriage still was the way it was when we started...

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    Ah, I have fond memories of the sexual escapades.

    THOSE days are long gone.

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    bummer. i'm hoping we can renew that, i think we can if we don't mar our relationship too badly.

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    patrick, wtf dude? update your blog!

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    i don't really think this is a men/women suck situation, tbh.


    in our relationship, DH and I are flipped. as i've talked about before, he uses complaining to abate anxiety and wants me to "listen" to him. I want to get the problem solved so that we can f'ing move on in life, rather than listen to endless whinging about whatever he's anxious about. seriously, two years of whinging over his pulled groin, and no effort on his part to -- you know -- DO something about it is enough to make anyone insane.

    so, we are actually 'hard wired' kinda opposite.

    but, we do have a lot in common. we both love movies, for instance, and often the same kinds. the only issue being that i don't want to watch Girl with Dragon Tatoo styled films *every time*. i actually like all kinds of films, including "stupid comedies" and "romance" and other nonesense. so, you know, mix it up a bit.

    i guess i'm more like a guy in that way too. i like a bit more variety than my husband does. my husband likes everything the same, all the time. primal was a huge change for him, even though it was a small change. it takes him months to accept a new recipe. it's totally "new" and something to whinge about for months until he accepts it -- even though he likes it. kwim? total creature of habit. i'm always like "new things! lets try a new thing!" not him. LOL

    it's just life. you have to figure out how to relate. i'm sure that my constant interest in change is totally freaking annoying to him. you know? that is what it is. somehow, we work it out.

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    my husband has so many "chick" attributes, and i have so many "guy" attributes that i don't really buy the stereotypes. and yeah, i have a lot of "chick" attributes as well, but my point is that i fit into the guy stereotypes just as easily as i fit in the chick stereotypes. on a similar note, i learned something recently about my husband. all this time, i thought one of the few things that i could pat myself on the back about was the fact that i refuse to nag. if i say something once or twice, and i'm sure he's heard me, i expect that he will pay attention. i'm not talking about little shit like taking out the trash or what my favorite flower is (for pete's sake, we can't even remember our own wedding anniversary). i'm talking about important shit like "when you do X it causes me physical pain." umm...apparently that's a mistake. he told me outright that if he doesn't "hear" me, i should nag him. i can't stand that dynamic. le sigh...

    oh yeah, and i hear you about change. i'm the same way, i want novelty. i think he prefers comfort. probably a big part of that is what we do throughout the day; he's solving problems and using his brain. i'm usually using the more intuitive/sensing parts of my brain while taking care of kids. i don't experience a lot of novelty, it's more about recognizing patterns and recalling effective means to deal with them. so he comes home needing a rest, and i'm expecting intellectual stimulation; adult social interactions. i think he's just too exhausted for that.
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