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Thread: Saoirse's Primal Journal

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    Your negatives are looking great!

    Thanks for the yogurt advice. Since I only have a 7qt crock pot I may go with another method for now...
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    My Primal Journal

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    Patrick- all right, allright, i'll do assisteds. i'm dragging my feet because i'm lazy and don't want to drag a chair over there every time (or keep one in the hallway), but i'll do it anyway.

    a_phoenix, you could give your big one a shot, just be careful to watch the temperature.

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    up until last night, i had been rather unfocused on food, and it was serving me well. i lost a few pounds (not including those which magically reappeared), and there was a visible difference in how i looked. yesterday and today, i have been feeling chubbier, lazy, and have struggled with getting my focus off of food. so now i'm wondering, should i just give in and eat a bunch for a day or two, then get back on track? i have little experience with keeping a caloric deficit, does anyone have experience with this?

    we're having such a weird summer, climate-wise. tons of rain lately, and now it's raining and super sunny.

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    i guess lyle mcdonald answered that one for me:
    The Full Diet Break | BodyRecomposition - The Home of Lyle McDonald

    i'm not sure i'm dieting all that "hard", but i'm getting tired of using food for just food (instead of for entertainment). sounds dumb and unhealthy, but i'm going to eat what i feel like eating for maybe a week, within reason. this coincides nicely with a camping trip. should i bake more brownies tonight? eh, probably not.

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    oh wow, i just figured it out. the need for a diet break didn't fully make sense to me, as i haven't been "dieting" that long, nor has my deficit been much (at least i don't think it is, i'm not actually tracking). IT'S THE COFFEE!!!

    i bought a 16 oz cup of cold-brewed caffeinated coffee a few days ago, and have been nursing it ever since, mixed around 50/50 with 1/2&1/2. this morning i felt just fine until i finished it off (just a few sips was all that was left) and an hour or so later i felt tired, hungry, and just lazy. so i guess it's just decaf for me from now on.

    i'll probably go "off-diet" during our trip anyway. i promised the kids i would make marshmallows, and i'm sure i'll have a square. i'm also packing some chocolate because i've been out for a week.
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    i need your marshmallow recipe, then.

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    Hellooo Martha Stewart!

    Homemade Marshmallows

    The only difference is that i use maple syrup instead of the corn syrup.

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    that's the one that I have. the ingredients here are not quite right for it, because they end up weird.

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    weird. which ingredients? is it possible that the gelatin you're using isn't true gelatin? i know people who have used a gelatin substitute and the recipe failed. i've made these maybe 6-7 times, and only had funky marshmallows once; for some reason i cooked the syrup to a hard-ball stage instead of firm-ball.

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    Always wanted to try making those. Never quite had the patience for making sweets.

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