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Thread: Saoirse's Primal Journal

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    My heart goes out to those affected in Aurora, CO. Mud Flinger, are you close to there?

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    Soooo...i've had about a week or so of eating whatever i felt like eating. It might be time to stop that. Maybe...after I run downtown for a pain au chocolat.

    Hubby and i had a date last night. Dinner was 1/2 lb local grassfed burger and toppings (cheesy sauce, roasted peppers, bacon, BBQ sauce) and a side of fries with a cup of coffee (incl amaretto and bailey's). Now I need to find some organic amaretto. Then we walked around downtown and stopped in a bar to play pool while watching some UFC. Kind of a cool building, it's one of the oldest in town and is considered to be haunted. Woooo! We watched an awesome lightning storm in the distance as we drove home; several flashes at once for around 15 minutes, but no thunder!

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    We have lightning with no thunder that lasts for a while, we call it heat lightning. I don't know what causes it in relation to the heat (moist air/dry air/high pressure/low pressure) but it is pretty.
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    Hey thanks for the concern - and yes we live entirely too close for comfort. It so sucks that people out there think it would be "cool" to destroy a bunch of people's family happiness and turn something innocent like going to the movies into something hurtfull. Columbine was our high school when that went down - we knew many of the people effected so this is just entirely too close. I saw the pic of the 6 yo little girl that was killed this morning and am still in tears about it.

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    *Hugs* Mud Flinger. I was wondering about you when I heard about it.

    I feel bad for the guy that he is so messed up that he seems to think this was ok. However, not so bad that he doesn't need to be fried for it. I just wish they'd realize that this is a symptem of a disease rather than another way to say "OMG Guns are Bad!" Owning guns did not make this happen. Being totally disconnected did.

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    I remember when Columbine happened. my older brother was called in to the office at school. apparently they were worried because he liked to draw stick death pictures during class. thankfully they just had the counselor talk to him instead of freaking out about it. This sort of thing isn't fixed or prevented by more stringent controls, but rather by creating a safe social environment for kids to learn.

    I think our high school principal was pretty effective at this. We had a senior/freshman mentoring program, and it was primarily the mature seniors who were encouraged to join. He'd give them talks about being leaders and being good role models, and they created the social climate for all the lower classmen. I'm not saying that bullying and teasing didn't happen, but it wasn't nearly as ubiquitous or tolerated as it seems it is in most other schools. Most of the staff cared and went out of the way to reach out to struggling students.

    Anyway, I know the Aurora shooter was in grad school, so it's sort of neither here nor there. Without a prior offense, I don't know how something like this could have been prevented; sociopaths are usually pretty good at hiding their illness, and very few of them actually become dangerous. It's peculiar that he happened to be a neurology student.

    Drssgchic- i hate that the media is turning this into a political issue. The guy could've easily killed as many or more with just the bombs that he made. The guns didn't create his insanity.

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    Saoirse, I'm so sorry to hear about your kitteh. Hugs and sympathy.
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    thank you Sigi.

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    I've been having such a hard time staying energized throughout the day. I thought maybe it was sugar consumption, or nutritional deficiencies, or just hormones. Well, today, i consumed a pinch of salt before each glass of water, and i think it's making a huge difference. i always hear about how everyone consumes too much sodium, and when i plug my food into paleotrack, it says i eat more than enough sodium. but is it possible that i'm actually deficient? i'll continue eating salt with my water and see how i'm feeling in a few days.

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    Dare I ask if it it iodised salt? No, I shouldn't, it might bring a whole world of crazy from that crazy thread into your journal.

    It is hard to understand your defence of guns, living in a society where guns are rare. I don't have a position and don't mean to sound like I am saying that because I do, I just cannot understand the debate. It was a tragedy.

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