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Thread: Saoirse's Primal Journal

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    this delicate little snowflake decided to do a little garden work in this 110F heat. yeah that was bright. now my head is pounding.

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    Go take a cool shower - they do wonders! I've been getting up at 5AM to get stuff done in the yard because by 8AM you can forget it!

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    that's an idea which involves moving. i'll probably do that when the kids come in from playing in the sprinkler. supposedly the low is going to be in the 60s, it's a shame our house has such bad airflow.

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    We've been having the strangest weather; yesterday the high was 62 and and it was in the 40s at night. I'm not complaining though, I've seen it in the 100s this time of year. It could have something to do with the chem trails zigzagged across the sky.

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    we had a few days similar to that last week.

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    I am jealous of you all. We had a snow warning this morning and the hills were all iced up until the sun came up.

    Both littles came a crawled into bed with me at about 4am, since i am the resident heat source. It's cute and all, but disrupts the rest a little.
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    are you in the southern hemisphere?

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    question for you guys.

    I encountered a situation yesterday at a kids' birthday party that i'm not sure how to handle if i encounter it again. It was a water party: kids' swimming pool, hoses, slip and slide, etc. One child was sort of using it to be aggressive towards other children: pouring water on them when they didn't expect or want it, spraying them beyond the point of fun (from their POV), etc. We've known this kid for years, so not really a new dynamic at all. At one point in the party, my older son brought my baby (2 year old, nonverbal) to me with a story about how this 9 year old was looking for someone to "get" with water, and seeing no one else around, came very close to dumping a bucket of water on my baby. My son said that he came around the corner just in time to see this, smacked the bucket away, scolded the kid, and brought my baby to me. I know, it's easy for parents to believe certain things about other kids, but knowing this kid's behavior towards others I believe every word of it. I wasn't sure how to deal with the idea that this 9 year old is now considering my baby as a potential kid to pick on (he picks on every other kid including my 8 and 5 year olds, not a new dynamic, never really known how to deal with it).

    The way I dealt with it was, later in the party when he wasn't suspecting it, i walked up behind him, grabbed him by the back of the neck and led him to a secluded area of the yard. I know how his parents discipline him, and that they would be okay with this (or at least only mildly irritated about it). Most kids, I would talk to the kid and explain how that's not acceptable, and assume that they'd absorb the information. Honestly, most kids are so completely ingrained in the belief that babies are a special class of people that they'd never dream of doing anything like that.

    Anyway, so I led him away from the party, looked him straight in the eye, and put on my "I'm so pissed right now, i can only talk in this quiet, strained way" voice. In extremely few words, I basically said:

    "this is my baby. "
    awkward pause as i stared him down.
    "i heard that you were going to dump water on his head"
    more awkward pause.
    "you do not TOUCH my baby."
    "are we clear?"
    he nodded.
    more awkward pause.
    "GO play."

    later, while sitting casually with the rest of the adults, i casually asked him if he knew what a swirly was. he didn't. so I told him what it was, then i looked him up and down and said:
    "hmm...i don't know if you know this about me, but i can pick up all three of my kids at once."
    "really, all at once?"
    "yeah. so i think i could pick you up."
    he laughed nervously and ran off to play.

    Soo...anyway. the point of my story is this: i know this kid likes to test boundaries. If he tests this boundary again, and I come up with nothing, that opens the floodgates for him to use my toddler as a potential bullying victim because he knows i'm full of shit. While staying within the boundaries of the law and human decency, what should i do *if* he tests me here again? Talking to his parents won't do any good; they'll just spank him and tell him to apologize, and then he does it again. Meanwhile, simply not being around him isn't practical because of how often we see his family.
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    Life lesson 1, kid- do NOT mess with Mama Bear! I'm afraid I don't have any sage advice, but I like how you handled it so far My blog exploring the beginning stages of learning how to homestead. With the occasional rant.

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    Tell your 8 yo the next time the kid bullies him or his siblings, tell him to please stop, I'd say 2 times, being very nice about it. Third time he hits the kid on the nose and keep hitting him until someone stops him.

    But I'm a bit weird about such things.
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