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Thread: Saoirse's Primal Journal

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    Now I am hungry (despite just having had awesome chicken livers in a stir fry for breakfast).

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    me too. apparently i've only had 700 calories today ("breakfast" was at 2 pm). i need to eat some greens; i'll probably have a big dinner.

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    reminiscing a little today and found a few photos of the hubs and i when we were dating.

    i was in high school, he was a sophomore in college:
    ben rachel.jpg

    in my first apartment:
    ben rachel 2.jpg

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    marinated lamb heart
    yellow bell pepper
    sauteed spinach

    pain au chocolat (foodgasm)

    an avocado and a few apple slices

    beef soup! much to the kids' surprise i intend to add greens. stand ready for much wailing and gnashing of teeth, lol.

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    Such cute pictures of you and hubby!

    You are eating so well!

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    he and i have noticed that we have very few candid pictures of us. will have to remedy that soon.

    our kitty was stuck in the tree in the backyard. she's an indoor kitty who sometimes gets to walk around the backyard, but it seems no one was paying attention to prevent her from climbing the tree. i had to climb up a spider-infested*, rickety ladder with a milk crate (i couldn't reach her myself) and then coax her to jump into the crate, then climb back down. i really should work on pullups again, if the ladder slipped i would've been SOL. well, i might have been able to hang for 5 minutes while the kids found a neighbor.

    *are baby widows yellow and black? i've never seen spiders like these.

    i really want another pain au chocolate. i wonder if the shop proprietor would consider making cream horns.
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    I think baby widows are all black w/ maybe a red spot, but never heard of yellow on at least a black widow. Hopefully no bites on you though! We have a kitty who does dumb stuff like that too. She used to run the neighborhood at our old house, but now we have raccoons, foxes and coyotes that run through our backyard so when she finds herself out at night, she gets herself stuck on the roof and meows piteously! I bet you could google up those spiders though...

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    Hmm..I wonder if one of the spiders bit her...where are you lady liberty?
    If I just said LOL, I lied. Do or do not. There is no try.

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    hehe, no i'm fine. I was at a "multi-cultural" playgroup, hosted by a japanese woman. Unsure of what I contribute to the group, I've decided that I'm the designated wide-eyed culture-less American audience. Very nice people, though (the playgroup families). The kids made rice balls, played in their cool backyard, and then had miso soup with tofu and kombu. Of course it was completely unprimal, but passable.

    they looked like these:

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    oh and you'll never guess what my *8 year old* asked me today!! the cat is in heat for the third time, and so she's yowling and rolling around.
    son asks "does it hurt to be in heat."
    me: "i don't know"
    son: "well you should, you've been in heat before!"

    oh dear... well, sort of. not really. so i had to explain the whole period/cramps thing. yes sometimes my uterus cramps and that hurts, but i generally don't roll around on the floor and yowl.

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