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Thread: Saoirse's Primal Journal

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    I didn't know anyone at the party, daughter only knew the birthday girls. our daughters know each other because they attended the same daycare. anyway, chatted a bit with various people. one of the party goer's dad is planning to attend Ironman in Mexico. the birthday girls' dad might too, and is a grad student at the college I attend. I had a piece of the cake, it was a cute cake made by the local cake business which made my wedding cake 9 years ago.

    went grocery shopping after the party. when we came home, the toddler was so crabby that i just lay down with him, leaving the groceries out. we ended up taking 2-3 hour nap at least. i still haven't put the groceries away.

    weird dreams involving Mr. Grabby, not being grabby at all but rather invading my home with a bunch of friends to give them a tour. it was weird. then, in the back of the yard (in my dream) there was a deck which was built on the side of a hill, with a whole in the deck large enough to swallow my toddler. so while Mr Grabby and his friends are touring my house completely without permission, i'm in the back edge of my yard contemplating the safety of this unstable deck with a hole, and a 30 ft. drop underneath.

    lack of hunger is a weird thing, and honestly not something i have a lot of experience with. not sure how your body is staying nourished with that little food.

    mostly out of the mopiness/woods. stupid fucking hormones. it has been so many years since i've had a regular cycle that i'm having to relearn some of this. hubby mentioned "you've been sad a lot lately" and i had to explain that i think it's part of my cycle now. it's not that being hormonal causes me to make drama, but that this part of my cycle makes it harder to ignore stuff that's bothering me. I think it was Dr. Christiane Northrup who had a lot of interesting perspective on mood and cycles. I need to pick up a book of hers and reread that part.

    oh, and toddler lost the smashing part of my mortar and pestle. so i have a bunch of course Celtic grey sea salt and no way to grind it.
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    I have a soft spot for Van and that video was visually mesmerizing.

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    It's strange to feel energetic again. when i'm feeling down and exhausted, i really just need to listen to that, sleep more, and solicit a lot of hugs.
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    yesterday started off well with that plate of chicken and vegetables, but went downhill from there. i suppose you could say that lunch was a slice of birthday cake and dinner was an artichoke+lemon butter sauce and a little mashed potatoes. i also sipped decaf+cream+sugar throughout the day. macros ended up being around 1600 calories, 51 g protein, 115 g carbs, and ?? g fat. oh shoot, that's not including the 1/2 pt. blueberries i ate. grocery shopping yesterday. must eat that lamb heart today. also thinking of getting a mini food processor so i can make that liver into pate.

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    I think you would find a lot of uses for the mini food processor. I use mine all the time. I am tempted to make pate but I'm afraid no one else will eat it and it may be too much for me to eat. I'm curious how yours turns out and what you will put it on.

    Just want to let you know that I am so impressed with all that you do, raising 3 kids virtually by yourself, I really don't know how you do it. I would be a basket case. I'm sending you lots of {{{hugs}}}.

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    Yes, mini-food processors are awesome. And I am with UF, I have no idea how the frack you do it. I have enough trouble remembering to feed the dog let alone wrangling 3 kids.

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    thankfully the kids loudly protest when i forget to feed them, as do the cats. hence why i generally kill plants (they don't yell at me). thanks guys.

    i had a mini food processor, but i broke it somehow (i think i tried to grind ice). it's just a matter of "do i want to spend another $15 after i bought all those groceries??" but if i don't, i'll probably waste the lamb liver. Urban forager- i've never made pate, so i'll have to look into recipes. either way, i should probably cook it up today.

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    measured today:
    natural waist: 28"
    bellow belly button: 34"
    thigh: 23.75"

    (starting 5/15:

    thighs 24.25"
    widest part of butt (hip?) 40"
    natural waist 30.5"
    right under my belly button/above my hip bones 34.75")

    so i guess i'm losing fat.

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    Wow - 2.5 inches off your waist in 2 weeks = awesome! I bet those tight shorts fit you great now.

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