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Thread: Saoirse's Primal Journal

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    ugh, i feel so yucky today. does anyone remember that weird tongue thing i had going on? well, apparently the hubby has it now. kids don't have it so apparently it's not airborne. anyway, i have a mild version of it- only two inflamed taste buds, really really sore throat, and malaise. wedmd symptom checker has nothing for me.

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    i need to get back to eating my daily greens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urban Forager View Post
    I just stumbled on your recipe for Tapioca flour Tortillas.
    Where could I stumbled upon this knowledge, kind lady?
    If I just said LOL, I lied. Do or do not. There is no try.

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    Forgot to tell you, tried out the tortillas a few weeks ago and they rocked!

    BTW, your Sex at Dawn thread sure took some interesting turns... I only read about 2/3 of it though, since I have Kenn on ignore, LOL!

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    lol! now why on earth would you do a thing like that? i had him on ignore for many months, not entirely sure why i took him off.

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    so i was doing really well eating VLC for about umm...two days?? but i ran out of stuff to eat and the little guy fell asleep when i was planning to go grocery shopping. so while my steak was cooking on the grill (i'm super hungry because i had to thaw the steak, poor planning i suppose) and i was looking for frozen blueberries for the middle child, i noticed the strawberry ice cream. well there goes VLC and reducing candida populations in my intestines. *shrug* oh well.

    then i had this awesome thought regarding vegetables. i like eating my veggies, but i don't like cooking that much anymore, so a little incentive might help. maybe if i reach my "9 cups per day" goal, i can have ice cream! and then i realized that, as much as that sounds good in my head, that's not how it works in reality. because in reality i say "fuck this carrot and stick BS, i'm going to go straight to the ice cream, because i can." yup, i am awfully smart.

    btw, i can swallow now without pain. yay! and i don't feel too much like shit. i think it was the potassium i took this morning. i'm still having weird heart symptoms, like every once in a while i have to catch my breath.

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    so i want to try Dr. Terry Wahl's protocol for MS. it's going to be a challenge because i'm lazy and it involves a lot of vegetables (more prep). she recommends 3 cups of greens per day (mentioning only kale, but i'm going to pretend that swiss chard , spinach, and romaine are included); 3 cups of sulfur-veg per day (onions, mushrooms, cruciferous, leeks, garlic), and 3 cups of other veg and berries (make sure to include 3 vibrant colors). the vegetables aren't going to be the hard part; i don't want to eat offal, but that's part of the guidelines. eww!! also, i should be eating seaweed at least once a week. i like seaweed, so not a problem. maybe so the iodine comes in daily doses, i'll just eat a little seaweed every morning. the only issue is my concern over radioactive seaweed; not sure if that's such a concern still.

    my morning 3 cups of greens:

    yesterday we planted a bunch of annuals around the yard: coleus, impatiens, petunias, violas, allyssum, lazy-eyed susan, and some others whose names i forgot. my soil sucks big time. it lacks organic matter and thus tends to clump and not hold water properly. though, the little woodland garden i'm creating under a large tree is in great soil. i have too much crappy soil in the rest of the yard to be able to fix it all at once, but i'm trying to fix it through lazy composting (dig a hole, throw in food scraps). also, someone will be coming one of these days to bring me free, rich junk-free soil. most of that will go in the kids' old sandbox; i promised them a garden last year and still haven't followed through. the rest will be worked in around the yard.

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    yesterday i think i reached my "9 cups of veg" goal: 3 cups of rainbow chard, 2 cups of cauliflower, 1 cup red bell peppers...hmm...i wonder how many strawberries were in that ice cream. oh yeah, i finished the rainbow chard at dinner so that was another 3 cups.

    so far today, i'm behind. i just had a kale/cauli mix that was around 3 cups, and i'm chowing on more bell pepper. so that's maybe 5 cups total (it's a big pepper). there's sweet potato coming up, and i also ate maybe 2/3 of a cantaloupe earlier. so maybe i'm not too far behind. i also had a ton of chocolate and ice cream, so all in all not the best food day. but it could be a lot worse; i'm probably making my goal today. still no offal, because really that's awful. though the meat i ate was processed (bratwurst and now organic lil'smokies) so maybe i'm eating more offal than i intended? i should break out the chicken stock from the freezer. i'll probably also have some sort of decadent treat after the kids go to bed, because i've been in a way-too-serious mood today.

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