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Thread: Saoirse's Primal Journal

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    Well that'll teach ya, Little Lady. Sorry to hear about your burns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post
    I have blisters on my breast.
    ouch. I've had plenty of brass burn but never in an area quite that sensitive. ouch, ouch and double ouch. That is the suck

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    yeah, i'm over it though. still have the headache.

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    how do i cook eye of round steaks? they are little cylinders, maybe around 2-3" in diameter. i'm reading online that they need to be braised, so it doesn't really make sense that they were cut into these tiny steak dimensions. i guess that means i should defrost the sirloins; we were hoping to grill.

    i stayed a little more physically active lately, riding my bike and stuff. though the weather's taking a turn for the worst, so i guess i'm going to be a lazy bum for the next few days. also, little guy is still sick so hubby and i are going to miss our date tomorrow.

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    Braising is best for eye of round or it can get tough.

    Sucks about the little one being sick. Just get a bottle of wine and a good movie and have date night right there in the house.
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    little guy doesn't want to be left alone for more than a few minutes at a time. he won't take naps without someone physically present during the whole nap, and doesn't want to be out of contact with anyone while he's awake. *shrug* this too shall pass. hopefully he'll feel better before hubby leaves again and we can have dates next week. it just sucks because we have weekly minimums that we have to pay the daycare, so we're wasting $$. oh well.

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    Women and guns. Hot in more than one way.

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    yep, that about sums it up. the blister burst and now my breast looks really fucked up. maybe it will scar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post
    yep, that about sums it up. the blister burst and now my breast looks really fucked up. maybe it will scar.
    I wonder if guys dig scars like chicks dig 'em on guys?

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    I once had the brilliant idea to lay out nude on the roof... (lived out in the country, no one would see, modernish flatish roofed house) ...

    It was a beautiful warm, but not too hot, day and I dozed off. Of course, certain parts of me were VERY white... sunburned nipples are most certainly one of the nine levels of HELL.

    I completely feel ya! Boob burns suck.
    Husband should seriously kiss it better... especially since you were being such a good sport when you garnered it.

    Hey you.
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