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Thread: Saoirse's Primal Journal

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    aww thank you spammer! they really like jenny quotes.

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    lonely feelings mostly gone. there's some pretty complex stuff going on in my head right now. :/

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    oh boy, I just ate around 1/2lb ground beef and I feel much much better. I guess i really needed some meat!

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    I'm lonely and I need some meat. HMMM. I'm glad things feel better. Dumb husbands!

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    lol, that may have bee intentional, but also true in multiple ways. neither sexual frustration nor anemia are very pleasant.

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    the smaller two and i walked to the park. it's not a long walk by any means, but on the upper limits of what i consider "okay" while carrying a kid (~1/2 mi), and being expected to run and play with kids while we're there. we were supposed to have a high of 52F, but I was warm in short sleeves and jeans. anyway, we had a good time. the trees are blooming in various shades of white and pink, and the tulips, daffodils, violets, and various other flowers are in full bloom.

    It really bothers me that i become so tired with exercise. what we did today was a big improvement over what i could endure a few years ago, but still. 1/2 mile? i should be able to do more than that without feeling too tired. i like to say that i'm a couch potato, but unfortunately it goes deeper than that. i suspect i have a nutritional imbalance which impairs my ability to retain enough water or maybe use energy efficiently. it's not that i get tired, per se, but rather, overheated, and muscles that i don't even really use become sluggish. i suppose i should be chugging bone broths or something. i think i have some chicken broth in the fridge.

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    Do you get bloated hands and/or feet when you're moving/standing for a while or in the heat? Generally I think that's a sign of electrolyte imbalance and a homemade electrolyte drink (water with blackstrap molasses, raw honey, salt...natural minerals I guess) could help with that. I get tired very easily when this happens to me (a lot, especially in the heat) and I don't know if it's just how I'm made, and I'll always have it, or it's some kind of deficiency that makes me leak minerals too much or something heh
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  8. #1288 bloating. just a lot of thirst, sluggish muscles, and feeling really exhausted. and overheating, if the temp outside is above 70sih.

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    That song rocks. Ever since Patrick posted the cover version I have listened to it about 3 times a day.

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