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Thread: Saoirse's Primal Journal

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    Saoirse's Primal Journal

    if you're reading this (and it's unlikely that anyone is), just know that my preferred shift key is broken. i'm also not very consistent when it comes to journalling.

    my current stats:
    133ish lbs (scale says anywhere from 131 to 134)
    bust: 38"'
    waist: 31"
    hip: 41"
    thigh: 24"
    upper arm circ: 10.5"
    u.s. size 11 jeans

    i decided to try a primal diet for a few reasons. first, it is intuitive for me. i was raised to believe that anything god made must be superior to something manmade. so milk and bread were always whole, red meat was common and fatty, and margarine was considered strange and unacceptable. before going primal i ate a higher-fat organic diet, with an emphasis on whole foods. i've long considered grains to be a filler rather than a healthy addition, so cutting them out hasn't been too difficult for me (though my kids and husband probably feel differently). the second reason is that i just like to experiment with different diets for the fun of it. cutting out grains and finding new ways to make food is a welcome challenge. the third reason is that both of my older kids had awful cavities as toddlers. both had to go under general anesthesia for dental surgery around 2 years of age to fix extensive cavities. if cutting out grains *might* prevent my baby from going through what my older kids had to endure, then it's worth the try. i'm also working on improving my vitamin D levels, and dosing my kids with vitamin D as well.

    I have no real health issues, other than occasional fatigue (but what mother of 3 young kids doesn't feel tired once in a while?) and a lower tolerance for lactose. I'd like to get down to a 6/7, roughly 115-120lbs again, which is where i was before my first pregnancy. I know it's possible to lose weight while nursing, but i'm not really going to try at this point. my short term goal is to be able to do 5 proper consecutive pushups by the new year. right now, i'm doing push-ups from the counter and futon.
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