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Thread: Saoirse's Primal Journal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post
    OOOPs opened that one at work. Hope they aren't checking up on me. lol Sadly, no such events have taken place for me at the gym.

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    oh dear, i'm sorry about that Paula. Added a warning.

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    It's kind of a shame they didn't take their shoes off first. and that the water outside will be so cold *insert maniacal laugh*


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    the kid's school had a movie night, with cookies, pizza, and popcorn I ate some pizza pizza hut) and now i have a tummy ache and bloating. other pizza, like the stuff from the little Ma&Pop pizza shop down the street, don't bother me quite so much. the little guy is musical in the digestive sense.

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    the pizza/popcorn/cookies was my dinner. after getting the kids off to bed, i had planned to make some more cookies but i've opted instead for roasting some chicken breast which has been marinating. it smells delcious! i can't wait until it cools enough to eat.

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    we spent the better part of the afternoon at the park with some friends. My friends are so awesome, they make this "quasi-single parent" thing a bit easier. we played in a nearby stream for a little while, then the older two went off with friend's husband to have fun while i played frisbee with other friends and the little guy. another friend stopped by the park and said "hi" on his way to play Ultimate nearby; that would be fun to join. now everyone's napping and i reeeeally want to wash the creek water off (little man isn't quite asleep yet).

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    I had such an awful evening. The kids and I went out to watch Farmageddon at the local theater with a friend and her kid. My littlest one started the movie as his charming, adorable self, but after maybe 20 minutes devolved from there. The moment he started to make a peep or get restless, I'd take him out of the theater. Then we'd sit for a good 20 minutes in the lobby (as far away from the auditorium as possible) but he'd start screaming to go back into the theater. Eventually I'd get him to quiet down, and we'd go sit back down. Of course this was just a trick and he'd start getting restless again in the theater, so we'd exit again. On one hand, I didn't want him screaming in the lobby because it's a small theater and i knew he was heard in the auditorium. On the other hand, I couldn't stay in the theater because he was getting restless again. I couldn't just walk around downtown because it was windy and raining, and I couldn't go sit in my car because my keys were in the auditorium. Eventually, near the end of the movie, as he started to actually audibly fuss in the auditorium (up until that point he was quiet but restless while in the auditorium, but would scream while in the lobby), I heard someone over my shoulder make some sort of angry remark. I took him out again as I was going to anyway, and I just lost it in the lobby. I started to cry. In public. A very sweet teenage kid tried to make things better by trying to distract my toddler. It was very sweet but mercy has this habit of really making me lose it. I thanked him, and of course he saw me with my red face and eyes. So I'm almost sobbing because I'd really just had it. I felt so guilty that I was ruining the movie for everyone, and that I was in a movie theater when my kid just needed to go home, and that I was ruining my friend's night because I knew she was going to feel bad for me.

    People started to come out of the auditorium so I bee-lined for the bathroom to try to wash my face. It was sort of a lost cause because when I get I stay that way for hours. Anyway, I quickly rounded up my kids and we left. Worst night in a long time. Which I guess, if that's the worse night I've had for a while, things aren't so bad right? Silver lining...

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    huuungry, I need some beef.

    We booked a flight for the husband to come home for a little while. It's longer than I'm sure he was approved for, so hopefully he'll still have a job when he goes back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post
    It wouldn't be TTOM without a chocolate recipe, now would it??

    Primal Chocolate Coconut Pie

    OMG! Seriously that looks devilishly devine as hell! Seriously, I would be down for a slice of that.

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