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Thread: Saoirse's Primal Journal

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    I have found that a couple of boxes of rit dye can make any pastel better as long as they are a cotton mix (I hate most non-cotton fabrics anyway). If you truely hate them as they are, have at it! Maybe even some tye dye for the fun of it. Those tye dye kits work well too I've found out - very fun with the kids, but WEAR THE GLOVES!!!

    Love that first dress by the way! I have a cute dress that I got at the end of last Spetember that's just waiting to make it's debut!

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    lol Patrick.

    very good point mud flinger. i'll keep that in mind the next time i'm shopping. i used to make tie-dyes all the time with Rit when i was a kid; amazing i didn't think of that. i have an adorable skirt which is cream that i can't wear because i'm a dirt magnet (and the color makes it semi-sheer). now to pick a color...

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    what a week that was for my poor intestines. My family came to stay for the first time ever. My mother is in rough shape (hip problems at only 54) so I let her and my stepdad sleep in my bed while i slept on the floor in the kids' room. the first night, the air mattress had been forgotten at someone's house, so i slept in a sleeping bag with the toddler. the second night, the air mattress was used but due to user error, it had deflated by morning. the third night i slept well (ok, technically not a week).

    my family is not used to eating well. they treated us out to most meals, wanting to give me a break from cooking, which i really appreciated. they didn't offer fast food thankfully, but generally it was diner-style fare. I tried to pick grain-free, though of course it's hard to be truly GF while eating out at places like the Royal Fork and truck stops. I feel like such a snob. anyway, i truly appreciate the intent. maybe next time i can make more suggestions, i sort of froze and went along with what they wanted while assuming they wouldn't like my ideas. there was a funny moment when they were going out to buy breakfast cereal, and they wanted to pick one that they could leave behind and i would eat. I tried explaining a few times that we don't eat cereal, it just didn't compute. so i ended up telling them that if they got something gluten-free and lower in sugar, i'd let the kids eat it. but i made them take the other junk food they bought, and they also left some steak, sausages (some are a decent brand), bell peppers, and asparagus, as well as a yummy potato salad (bacon-red potatoes- bleu cheese) that hurt my tummy. of course, my body didn't benefit from the multiple brownies i ate at one restaurant, nor the GF chocolate cake that i ate in its entirety the night before they arrived, nor the ice cream that i ate after they left. god i love brownies.

    the actual visit was fun, aside from some religious rants and a very brief misogynist rant that i ignored (from my mother). I really enjoyed seeing my older brother, and meeting his girlfriend and my nephew. I wish they could live closer. I had some great chats with my younger brother, who was very open to talking about diet. i don't know if that was because he wanted to connect with me, or because he's truly interested. other little brother is doing well, he's living at home still but working and saving money. his acne is really bad and i wanted to proselytize to him abut the benefits of giving up grains, but i resisted because i didn't want to embarrass him. anyway, all in all it was a good visit but i'm happy to return to my semi-quiet household.

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    For your amusement, I'm holding a mini fashion show. I've had these dresses for a while now, but i guess they aren't as bad as i though they were. maybe i'll have the guts to wear them out somewhere.

    the first is a pink, "distressed" dress that i've had since maybe 2003 and have worn out once. i think i've finally grown into it.

    then there's my green dress, which i actually like.

    with boots.

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    The dresses look awesome! I could totally see the first one in purple too, but must admit that I think purple makes everthing better!

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    purple doesn't look that great on me. i did take a pic of a purple dress i had (you can see it rumpled up in the background of the third pic), but didn't feel like showing that one to you guys.

    these pictures remind me that i STILL need to repaint my bedroom. that pink is just hideous, and i've had the green paint for almost a year now.

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    Patrick, sir, I owe you a beer. You should totally suggest more fashion shows.

    Saoirse - Yeah, uh, I don't think anyone even noticed there were walls in those pictures. I had to go back and look 3 times before I saw them. Very nice indeed.

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    lol, don't be silly!

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    Holy hot damn. You've made my day, Saoirse! You look great. ...oh and I guess the clothes also look good.

    Jon, offer of beer... ACCEPTED
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    I have a new site up and will soon be blogging at The Wayward Mind. (My journal is semi-retired at this point)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
    Holy hot damn.

    Well said.

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