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Thread: Saoirse's Primal Journal

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    didn't do my planned LHT today. pre-bedtime anxiety has left me dog-tired. middle child went to bed 2 hours early and before eating dinner, complaining of a tummy ache. i hope she's not going to be sick tomorrow. i measured my waist, down 1.5"! i'm sure it's the exercise, so i really must work harder to keep that up.

    macros for today:
    2168 cal
    73 g carbs
    160 g fat
    120 g protein

    i remembered my magnesium tonight, hopefully it does the trick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post
    i haven't been sleeping well, basically having anxiety attacks over child care. i can't afford anything decent and am definitely not putting my children with the "others."
    What does "others" mean? Other kids?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
    What does "others" mean? Other kids?
    I wondered the same thing...

    Rachel, keep up the good work(outs). I have also started to ramp up my exercise. Time to make another huge change in body comp. I've been gaining and losing the same 20 lbs for 6 months.
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    haha, yeah other kids. my children are just too holy. j/k

    no, i meant the other providers which didn't seem decent. one had two dogs (boxer and shih tzu), and she "usually" keeps the dogs outside because the shih tzu "gets too excited for the kids", and another care provider was talking about putting my 19 month old in time out if he "disrespects" her rules. the second is already caring for 9 kids, mostly by herself, except that her husband stops in throughout the day. my kids are generally helpful and cooperative, but i don't think they'd handle authoritarianism too well. maybe i'm just really picky, but i don't feel comfortable with those scenarios. all of the other providers which seemed ok were the same price as the center close to my classes.

    i think i found a solution, but i deleted it because i'm paranoid and it was way too much info for a public forum (you never know who's lurking!).
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    although sleep deprivation no doubt had a role in this, the schedule i laid out wasn't really working for me, so i'm going to modify it. i think i'm better served by sprinting twice a week for 5 min rather than pushing myself to 10 min once a week. also, i shouldn't expect myself to LHT for 30 minutes at a time, that's obviously too long for me. so here's the new modified schedule:
    Sun: sprint 5 min (jump rope, quick run, mountain climbers, race with kids in the backyard) MFSP 30 min (dedicated to yoga)
    Mon LHT (BW: squats, pushups, weighted bridges, leg lifts)
    Tue: MFSP 30 min
    Wed: LHT (BW)
    Thur: sprint 5 min, MFSP 30 min (dedicated to yoga)
    Fri: LHT (BW)
    Sat: MFSP 30 min

    for the LHT portion, here's what i intend to do, to failure:
    weighted bridges (28#)
    dolphin pose
    weighted squats (28#)
    those somethings, which i don't remember what they're called
    nose-to-the ground girly pushups

    while sprinting, i'm focusing on mountain climbers and squats, adding in jumping jacks and jogging in place as a sort of "rest" while keeping my heart rate up.

    i sprinted today for 5 minutes, will yoga tonight after the kids are in bed. i'm eating appropriately and within bounds, but i'm getting really tired of logging my food intake, so i won't for now.

    i'm making a few assumptions here, but i think i've got the childcare thing worked out. i need to chillax, the little guy will be in care for 9 hours a week, split into three days. the center seemed like a decent place for kids, i think he can handle it. i'm not worried about #2, i know she'll be happy where she's going. i have no clue how i'm going to fare in chemistry, but i know i'm going to like the other class, so assuming my (specific, unmentioned) assumptions were correct, everything is going to be okay. worst case scenario, i'll have to defer enrollment until summer or fall. it's not that big of a deal.
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    chocolate oopsie rolls with orange creme filling; 3g carb per roll (i used a touch of honey). with a few alterations, these might be decent.

    DSCN0053 by SaoirseCaesar, on Flickr

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    Glad you got it worked out. That kind of stuff can drive you crazy.

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    it really can. i think i have most of it squared away. one of my assumptions was incorrect, so i had to improvise, and then my adviser missed that i didn't have the prerequisites for one of the classes, so i have to pick another one (at a different time, which affects childcare), but i think it's going to work out. i'm not too happy about the kids eating the center's food, but i'm going to have to suck it up.

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    It sucks when you work so hard and then you find out that things have changed or that the kids are eating junk, but in the end, hopefully it will all be worth it. Feed the kids well at home and just do the best you can with what you can. There will be challenges and comprimises for all, but there is also a lesson in it for all of you. I just hope you can make it all work because this really is a huge thing you are attempting. Don't give up and you will succeed!

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    it could be worse. they have an onsite cook who makes the meals from scratch, and the kids will only be there for 3 meals per week. i talked with the center's director about my son's ECC, and she was at least okay with me providing a special sweet treat (xylitol candies) instead of the skittles they give kids. i'm going to just sigh and overlook the rest.

    i missed my LHT yesterday, the day was simply too busy. the first opportunity i had for it was around 10:30 last night, so i did it today. i decided it's better NOT to go to failure if it means i dread and inevitably avoid LHT day, and also that i needed to incorporate stretches into my routine.

    a bit of stretching (mostly legs and lower back)
    2 minutes of dolphin pose, followed by child's pose
    10 one-legged bridges on each side (this was somewhat weighted, as i had a toddler crawling all over me)
    10 of those things that i still don't know what to call them
    2 sets of 10 weighted squats (28#)
    8 girly pushups

    can i just whine for a second? it's so frustrating to try to work out around toddlers. grumble grumble grumble

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