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Thread: Saoirse's Primal Journal

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    So now the spammers are talking to you! How'd you manage that?

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    I'm glad the spammers are starting to show others the love lol. Just kidding.

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    oh they've been doing it here for a while. maybe we could convert some, lol!

    yesterday i sprinted for 10 min. i started on mountain climbers, but after 1 1/2 min of that i ran out of steam so i jogged in place for a little. i started cold, and maybe that was unwise, because i had to sit down for a sec at the 3 minute mark. after my little breather, i restarted the clock and finished the last 7 minutes by alternating amongst jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and jogging in place. who knew 10 minutes could last so long? i finished the night with a relaxing shower, leftover hamburger, and a bunch of cream and berries (a bit too much cream). oh yeah, and a cup of coconut water.

    yesterday's macros: 2,409calories 91g carbs 198g fat 81g protein

    so far today i've had a tiny bit of leftover hamburger. i need to go shopping today.

    lunch was ground beef, zucchini, and onions sauteed in butter. i also ate blackberries, a tiny mandarin, and 9 dark chocolate chips while i was shopping. 30 minutes of stretching and yoga (tree pose and sun salutations), and i'm going to take the kids for a walk in a few minutes.
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    Actually, I think that the stretched tape measure quote is hysterical.
    It was a pretty neat trick how you got the spammer to talk to you. That one needs to go back to spammer school.

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    LOL. maybe we should all start hitting on them.

    i've been a good girl so far. even though i'm still a little stiff from the mountain climbers, and even though baby boy was super clingy (he fell asleep at 11:30 last night and woke up around 8ish), i still attempted to do my 30 minutes of "lift heavy things". i'm really resisting the urge to say anything self-deprecating here, but anyway, it ended up being maybe 20ish minutes of LHT after around 12 minutes of stretching.

    2 sets of 30 weighted bridges (28#)
    2 minutes of dolphin pose (i stopped because baby boy was clinging and my posture was way off)
    2 sets of 10 weighted squats (28#)
    7 somethings*, i'll have to look up the name
    8 nose-to-the ground girly pushups

    *these are like the beginning move in a hindu pushup; start in downward dog, and lower your upper body until your the top of your head touches the floor, then back up again.
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    and *poof* the spam is gone.

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    ahhh, the day is almost done. i'm just waiting on the kids to finish up a few things before sending them off to bed. breakfast was sausage, zucchini, and onions. lunch was more sausage, jicama, and red bell peppers. dinner was homemade beef and broccoli. i cheated and ate a few bites of rice. i also had some decaf coffee, just the way i like it, and a few chocolate chips.

    1929 cal
    98 g carbs
    116 g fat
    131 g protein

    i'll probably end the day with a little dark chocolate ganache and maybe some hot tea after the kids are in bed.

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    i overshot calories today:
    Totals: 2335 cal 77g carb 204g fat 64g protein

    i spent most of the day preparing for class, which begins next week. my muscles were so tired from previous days' workouts that i felt like i was walking on jupiter or something. i'm going to count "dragging a 21lb flailing toddler all over campus" as my 30 min. of MFSP. i was so spent that, by the time we returned home, i passed out while putting my babe down for a nap. then i awoke at 3, saw that my kiddo was home from school, and then passed out again for another hour.
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    i haven't been sleeping well, basically having anxiety attacks over child care. i can't afford anything decent and am definitely not putting my children with the "others." a friend is offering to work with me on some stuff, but i don't know how i could compensate her, so i'm thinking about deferring enrollment until the fall. my middle one would be in school, and my little one would be 2 and maybe more able to tolerate my absence. my husband might also be home by then, and if he's working from home it's possible i wouldn't need childcare at all.

    primally, i'm doing okay. yesterday was filled with running errands, so i had little time to eat (maybe 400 calories before 5 pm). i made up for it in the evening, though, with some steak, chocolate, and berries&cream. i don't remember what sort of exercise i was supposed to do, so i messed up there.

    tally for yesterday:
    1,740 cal
    90g carbs
    131 g fat
    62g protein

    maybe today i can do some make-up exercise, and i also need to dose myself with magnesium a few times per day so i can fall asleep at night. my dad gave me a one-hour massage gift certificate for my birthday and i'm redeeming it today, so i also need to drink a lot of water!
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    oops, i need to repost this.

    Sun: sprint 10 min (jump rope, quick run, mountain climbers, race with kids in the backyard) MFSP 30 min (dedicated to yoga)
    Mon LHT 30 min (BW: squats, pushups, weighted bridges, leg lifts)
    Tue: MFSP 30 min
    Wed: LHT 30 min (BW)
    Thur: MFSP 30 min (dedicated to yoga)
    Fri: LHT 30 min (BW)
    Sat: MFSP 30 min

    so i missed the BW exercises on monday and wednesday, and instead did them on tuesday. i'm a little behind, i'll just have to resume where i should be.

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