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    Perhaps I misspoke and things came out incorrectly... I wasn't suggesting that one type of exercise is better than the other... Merely that to get faster,.. you need to do both (squats, deadlifts... and sprinting) To jump higher,... you need to focus on both types of workouts,... weights and plyometric type exercise. Weights alone do not produce the same results. When i say reactive i probably should have said type IIb fiber of skeletal muscles?...

    I do get what you're trying to say though... and yes To get stonger, lift weights... and then I sprint train (a skill) to go faster... haha so technical... and yes,.. i do both to get better at sprinting (a skill).

    How do you prefer slow motion training to max? is it really that much better than regular training?

    Like doing a squat slowly on a smith machine, do you feel it superior to doing equivalent weights just not slowly?

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    I misunderstood, then.

    Thanks for the clarification.

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    Here's an interesting piece by strength coach Dan John, who helped popularize Tabata intervals:

    In the 1980s, an American Olympic discus thrower noticed that the Russians excelled in throwing events. He discovered these champions incorporated sprints immediately following heavy lift compound weight-lifting moves. These athletes were doing sprints even though their events, such as the hammer throw, were unrelated to running or jumping. He gives several theories as to why sprinting improves performance.

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