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Thread: Cottage Cheese Low Fat or Fat

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    Cottage Cheese Low Fat or Fat

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    I like cottage cheese and because I exercise alot I like the high protein in a small package. I was reading that Mark considers cottage cheese more a Fat than Dairy.
    I was looking at some or our local Cottage Cheese (not organic but good stuff)
    The ingredients are the same with the exception of the milk/cream or no cream used)
    If one is just interested in the Protein component is there a reason to take a higher fat cottage cheese over say the Low fat? Does cottage cheese have the same negative effect on persons with a lcatose intoloerance? Thanks (i couldn't find the nutritional data for the4% fat which tastes the best to me)

    1% Cottage Cheese (Island Farms)
    Serving Size: 120g; Calories: 90, Total Fat: 1.5g, Carbs: 4g, Protein: 14g
    2% Cottage Cheese (Island Farms)
    Serving Size: 125mL (120g); Calories: 100, Total Fat: 2.5g, Carbs: 3g, Protein: 14g

    Fat Free Cottage Cheese (Island Farms)
    Serving Size: 1/2 cup (120g); Calories: 80, Total Fat: .3g, Carbs: 4g, Protein: 14g

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    If you don't ahve a problem with lactose intolerance, you won't have a problem with cottage cheese.

    Eat the cottage cheese you like.

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    I just bought a new tub yesterday. I suggest 4%. Cabot is the brand I am lovin right now!!! When fat is taken out of foods the carbs/sugars are usually higher. Mark would say go with the higher fat%.....

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    i get DAISY 4%.... good stuff with cold cubed sweet potatoes or tomatos/cilantro

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    Go with the fattiest cottage cheese you can find.

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    Cottage cheese goes great with berries, or you can mix it with diced tomatoes, basil, garlic, italian seasoning, microwave it and you've got a pretty rad dip.

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    Heck, cottage cheese goes great with anything. Pouch Tuna with Cottage Cheese for lunch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteakNchop View Post
    Go with the fattiest cottage cheese you can find.

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    The interesting thing about cottage cheese is that it is made with skim milk. I've read a bunch of cheesemaking books, and cottage cheese is one of the easy ones to make at home (along with paneer, ricotta, mozarella, etc). When you buy that 4% cottage cheese, it's because they mix in cream. If you think about it, cottage cheese is also called "curds and whey", which is just the curdled proteins and the watery whey that came out. "Creamed cottage cheese" is more like what you get if it has more fat.

    Which is not to say I don't love it. With just salt and pepper, it's pretty great. But I will always love cottage cheese with applesauce, or with pineapple, or peaches.

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    Not really a fan of cottage cheese but like it scrambled with eggs. I like to use it to up protein.

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