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    Cliff and Power Bars

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    I'm a bike rider who may ride betweeb 45 minutes and 5 hours at a time. What I use before, during, and sometimes post rides is Cliff Bars, or Power Bar, just to get my carbs for the endurance exercise. It's easy, quick, and I like the taste, but I always feel like I'm cheating on my otherwise Primal diet.

    What are my other choices for pre and post bikeride food?

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    I don't ride a bike (at least not the kind with pedals) but I figured I could throw in my two cents. I'm not super familiar with Cliff bars, but I do know that Power bars have a TON of carbs, so if that's what you’re wanting... eat them. If I were to take a long bike ride, I would opt for a protein shake before the ride (food for your muscles) and some fruit and/or nuts for the carbs. If you want some carbs during your ride, I don't see anything wrong with filling your water bottle with Gatorade. That should give you a pretty good shot of carbs and electrolytes to help you get through the ride.
    Like I said... I'm not anywhere close to an expert, but I can let you know what I'd do if I were in your shoes. Hopefully someone else can chime in with other options for you.

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    you could make the sugared plums, fruit cake, or date/nut combos that i posted in recipes, and just individually wrap them. the dates/almonds/coconut actually burn pretty slowly, and so do well for that.

    edit, btw, i'm not a cyclist, but i did carry these sorts of things on our hut-to-hut hiking when i needed a quick something. it was usually my "lunch." that plus water, sometimes jerky.

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    Anything else.

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    You could do Larabars--similarly convenient and carby (usually 25-30g per bar) but they're made with all primal ingredients (usually dates, nuts, fruit, etc)

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