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Thread: Hi, my name's Izzylu and I'm a weigh-aholic...

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    Hey Izzylu as tfarny points out your weight is HIGHLY dependent on your body COMPOSITION - weight really is meaningless!! Musle is much more dense than fat, so gaining 2lbs of musle while losing 1lb of fat can (and does) make a significant change in your body composition for the better despite the scale! stick with it!

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    instead of using weight, instead use what you can do.

    for example:

    "when i started doing squats, i could only move the bar (45 lbs), but now i can squat 150 lbs!

    "when i started working out, i couldn't do one pull up; now i can do 25 with good form!"

    essentially, you just use what you can DO as a barometer of how awesome you are.

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