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Thread: Primal alcholic drink....

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    Primal alcholic drink....

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    After reading Mark's blog on different types of alcohol, I got to thinking. The past week I've been enjoying coconut rum drinks. I fill up the blender with crushed ice, then however much coconut rum you want, then toss in a can of coconut milk. Blend and enjoy! I've noticed I can't really get drunk, because I can't drink very much due to the fat content of the coconut. It's too filling!

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    Try Robb Wolf's "Norcal Margarita". I drink it, and it mellows/relaxes me, but one is usually all I crave.

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    well hahah i personally drink this....its really good but carby so maybe do some intense exercise pre drinking....

    1 can coconut water
    1 can coconut milk
    about 1/2 bag pineapple
    2 cups frozen strawberries
    1/2 cup rum

    you can lower calories by going almond milk and the SO delicious brand coconut milk....and lower carbs by choosing different fruit...

    besides that....

    get a bag of frozen mixed berries and pour rum over them and let them defrost....haaaaa this is my favorite

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