I have been trying to find a decent energy bar that is not loaded with carbohydrates and has plenty of protein. I was so excited when I saw the revamped Primal Energy bars on MDA and couldn't wait to try them! So I decided to make the revamped Primal Energy bars last night. I followed the instructions to the letter- at least I thought. However, when I pulled them from the oven, and cooled them for 20 minutes or so, they were the most crumbly bars ever! They wouldn't stay together. After I added the egg and then "folded" in the cranberries, there was no folding of the cranberries! The whole mixture crumbled. It would not stick together. What in the world did I do wrong?! I've been trying to figure out where I went wrong in the receipe and I can't figure it. Also, even though I used raw almonds and unsalted peacans, made my own almond meal and used all-natural almond butter, they were so incredibly salt that I couldn't stand it. The receipe calls for 1/2 tsp. of sea salt. Is that really necessary? Does anyone have any suggestions? I am tempted to try freezing them instead of baking. Has anyone tried that yet? HELP!