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Thread: Alpine do you get through the day...???

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    Quote Originally Posted by gordo View Post
    Some caution is indicated here. This solution worked a treat my first season. After that, with maybe 30 days under my belt, I wasn't tense anymore and the beer hurt my performance.

    Gordo is meant to take the edge off tenseness. And also why I say 1/2 a beer. If you dont drink much on a regular basis try to get your non primal friend to have a beer and just have a couple sips.
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    I used to have to fill up my coat with dried fruit & nuts & granola to get through a ski day. The last time I went, I had just switched to cutting grains & sugar, and while I was still 40lb overweight, I had more strength and endurance than I can ever remember having. I had eggs for breakfast, a huge bowl of chili (& a salad?) for lunch at the lodge(s) each day, and a big dinner, but had absolutely no need to eat while on the slopes or add any carbs (there were beans inthe chili; that's all).
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    FWIW, I rode epic pow today from 9am to 4pm without a break, and no food except a protein shake at 7:30 before taking the bus up.

    I think the answer to your question is: go skiing when/where it's epic enough that you don't WANT to eat no matter how hungry you are
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    i went out on monday and kept my normal eating window of 12pm to 8pm, so i spent the first half of the day in an unfed state and had zero issues. I had some sausages for lunch and went back out. Got home, downed more food and then went and played basketball, i maintained energy levels from the start of snowboarding to the end of basketball at 9:30pm
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