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Thread: Journal (Marloe)...the beginning

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    The weekend has been the beginning of checking out this new lifestyle. I have been reading posts and reading recipes, reading books and thinking and planning.

    Food today has been pure protein so far...200gm pure beef burger redolent with spices and herbs and mixed with fried bacon pieces. Grated cheddar and a fried egg on top and that was brunch at 12.30. Didn't feel hungry until then. Eat stop eat will possibly be easier this way. I do believe in giving my digestive system with some intermittent fasting. I am sure my ancestors had lean times too Protein and fat is a definite appetite suppressant.

    Vegetables are sometimes a problem because my darling doesn't like many of them, but then I don't mind cooking some for me. I am worth it The garden has offered up some peas, green beans, mustard spinach, Swiss chard, tomatoes, radishes, rocket, sweet potato leaves and a load of fresh herbs.

    There are things I am still going to have to wean myself off, I know that. I know me and I know the temptations. There are many.

    Step by step...

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    OK. Not perfect, but not bad either. Do I get a gold star?...not today. But a pink star yes. For not getting into a binge state.

    My supper was Mediterranean Fish Stew which was very nice. Carbwise - I gave half of my bread roll to my darling husband but had the other half, and 2 ryvitas with peanut butter for breakfast, 2 squares of chocolate in the afternoon, 1 coconut cookie, half a raisin bun in the evening. All in all the carb count was not too bad, under a hundred, but not Primal eating either.

    No greens again, too lazy after creating the fish stew. Actually I had three peas off the vine. Black circle. Already have one from yesterday and three cancels out a gold star. Danger. I want many gold stars!!!

    I am going to do a fast tomorrow until 2pm - lunch. 18 hour fast. Ate last at 8pm tonight. It is enough. And I can look forward to a Primal lunch. I feel like making a crustless quiche with some tuna and vegetables. Yes. Sounds good. Tomorrow is another day. A good day.

    I have a long way to go, but every journey starts with one step. This morning I weighed myself and I was 118 kilos - 259.6 lbs. The most I have ever weighed in my life. This will change. I am heading for 158 lbs - 72 kilos. That is a loss of 101.6 lbs - 46 kilos. That is a whole other person. At 3 kilos a month loss, it should take about 15 months. 12 kilos by the end of the year. Actually I want to lose 18 kilos by the end of the year. 17 weeks left. Miracles happen - I keep telling myself that. Perseverance is the key - and moderation. And of course exercise. I need to wake up and think weights. They sit next to my bed, I just need to pick them up!

    Off to bed. Good night Journal.

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    Good morning Journal/Food log

    3 eggs scrambled with garlic chives and 1 cup of Earl Grey tea with milk.

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    Hello again Journal - lunchtime. Did not fast today. don't feel like it. However, am not very hungry.

    1 cup of cappuccino with foam. 2 chicken leg quarters with all the skin. I am not sure how this is going to affect my blood sugars - all the fat - but we will see.

    Took a herbal slimming pill - SimplySlim - which helps curb the appetite as well. Makes me thirsty so am drinking water mostly, but did also have a half glass of milk. My favourite thing, but will have to curb that as well. Will have one more cup of tea and then that will be it for the day.

    So far I have 2 pink for breakfast and one for lunch. Now for the greens and salad for supper.

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    Whooooa, nearly lost it Journal. Hello there I am on my third glass of Chardonnay. My carbs for the day have been non-primal. Still eating the ryvita that is there. Will stop when it is over. I am not panicking, because there are many more good things happening. Had chicken for supper, covered in a curry sauce that I know will have some E numbers in. Do not like E numbers but this was one of those packets I have had in the very small pantry cupboard. There are no more.

    Red onions and potatoes under the chicken in a romertopf clay casserole pot. So yummy. No potatoes for me, they were for darling. Did have some red onions and a half a spring chicken. So yum. (I have now replaced the wine with water...)

    But no greens yet. All protein so far and a few carbs. Probably not a bad thing though. Get me into ketosis more quickly. Maybe. I remember ketosis being a hard state to achieve when I did Atkins seven years ago. If it went into light pink it was time for a celebration!

    Anyway, only 2 pink stars today, so on to tomorrow...

    I think I will have some fruit before I go to bed. Last night I had a nectarine, actually it was a mineola, citrus fruit...and I think I will have another one tonight. The night before I had some Camembert cheese before bed and my blood sugar was 6.9 the next morning, whereas this morning, after a mineola before bed my blood sugar read 6.4 this morning. It is dropping. Maybe it will be a grapefruit cut up like hockey oranges at half timeIt is certainly interesting to see the different reactions.

    The realisation set in some time ago that I will never be able to eat just what I please, ever again, and that it is going to take some time before I get it into my very being. Not just my head.

    Going to watch a movie now. Glad there is no chocolate in the fridge... or is there?


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    "The realisation set in some time ago that I will never be able to eat just what I please, ever again..."

    After a while, what you please to eat will change completely, and then you will be able to eat what you please.

    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!

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    Primalchild - nicely put.

    Hello Journal

    Went to bed with a grapefruit last night. I have lost 2 kilos so far, since Sunday. Down to 116 from 118 kilos.

    Going to have a scrambled egg or three now, it is already 10:30 am and I have not eaten yet. Feeling ok but tum is a bit upset.

    Until lunch or snack - whichever comes first. Chicken company coming to the restaurant to do a cook-off for the local hospitality industry. Think it is breaded stuff etc so it will be a no-no for me. Never did like that sort of stuff anyway. Give me a simple roast free-range chicken. Still the best.

    The only problem that I am seeing with eating the fat and skin etc, is that I can see my gall bladder is not coping too well. (Sorry for the TMI but it is visible by the colour of stools.)Maybe I will slow down on the fat for now.

    Later journal...

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    Hey there Journal

    Nearly 10 to 6 pm and I have just had an apple and a slice of wholewheat seed bread with cream cheese on it.

    Yes Journal, I know it is not primal, but I did say that I would slowly wean myself off stuff until there was no more. I am not sure what I am going to have for supper, but perhaps the left over fish stew from two days ago. I did have some breaded chicken bites at the demo late morning, but not too many though. I partook of the smoked chicken and some of the breaded strips. I did not want too much. We all had tea afterwards so I had a couple of cups of Earl Grey tea. Maybe not the greatest of primal days, but not too bad as far as carbs are concerned.

    I know that when I have good primal snacks in the fridge and freezer it will be easier not to fall for un-primal food. Some celery sticks, cleaned and sitting in a mug of water in the fridge is a good start. That and some nut butter is very good. Jerky (biltong as we call it) is a staple food of South Africans, and certainly welcome in our house! I think I will get a secret stash of biltong and hide it from everyone! Feels odd to do that though.

    I find it is easier to reach for a fruit than a vegetable and so need to switch my attention to the green side. Just laziness I think.

    Supper? We'll see.

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    "I find it is easier to reach for a fruit than a vegetable and so need to switch my attention to the green side. Just laziness I think."

    If you take one small chunk of time and get some vegetables already cut up and ready to eat (I know they loose a little bit of their nutrients, but it's better than not getting any of them!) then they'll be just as easy to grab and eat as fruit.

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    Thanks Gina. Just what I was thinking

    Today has been traumatic, Journal. Saw my dear Mmakoma in the hospital and she looks so weak. Makes me so sad. Witchcraft my foot! I think the muti she was given just made her much much worse. We are all sending out good energies for her, willing her better. The doctor said it will take time for her to recover her strength. My humble opinion is that it was a tapeworm, fluke or some such thing. We shall see.

    Came home and am having eggs and leg bacon on my last slice of seed bread. I so love eggs and they are free-range and tasty. No wonder they are labelled Happy Eggs

    Mmmmmmm. Yummy. Could have 6 more eggs! But in twenty minutes, if my stomach clock is in working order, my brain will be notified that I am full, so I will drink my tea and relax.

    Bye Journal. See you at snack time.

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