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Thread: Journal (Marloe)...the beginning

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    hey there Journal

    finished yoga about 1/2 and hour ago and am now ready for my eggs and bacon.

    Last night was successful for me in that I went to a cocktail party and only had the meat snacks, no sausage rolls or samoosas...only meat balls and ribs. Had a bottle of red wine! All in all it was a good night.

    Today I am more aware of energy and appetite being suppressed by this way of eating. I will not need my herbal pills if I feel like this. I am conscious of the need for more water and am managing to up my intake.

    Stomach still not right. Perhaps it is going through the changes and cleaning out!

    On to breakfast...

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    Sweet strong beautiful 30 year old Mak died today and we are in shock. The heartache is extreme. I am numb.

    I had not eaten by 2 pm and had some bacon and eggs with my hubby to stave off the gnawing...while the other gnawing just kept on coming. That gnawing feeling that it shouldn't have happened, her death. But I can't dwell on it anymore. 2 ryvita with Bovril and cheddar after the eggs...and a glass of red wine.

    This afternoon my snack was a mineola (citrus) but really only the juice as I sucked it out of the fruit. Not long afterwards I had about 125ml (1/2 cup)of chunky cottage cheese.

    Hubby is getting take-out tonight. The restaurant is closed for the day due to our sad loss. I have ordered 3 lamb chops and a Greek salad. That is for later. Now I shall have some Earl Grey tea with milk. I still feel like eating something and I am not sure what. It must surely be I reach for the water.

    Thoughts on my progress - I am doing it slowly as is suggested and that is working for me. I shall get on the scale on Monday. Primal needs planning.

    RIP my dearest Mmakoma. I shall await your visit in my dreams. I love you.

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    3 lamb chops and a Greek salad. 2 glasses of red wine.

    Later, Journal. The sadness is deep.

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    2 Ryvitas. 1 with mustard cream cheese, lettuce and cheddar. The other with butter and Bovril.

    1 cup chamomile tea.

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    3 handfuls of peanuts and raisins.

    I know this is not the way to go. It was in the car when I took my little one to school today and I started on them on the way back home. Feeling the way I do, I didn't really care. Life is so fleeting.

    2 Ryvitas with Bovril and butter.

    That was the last of the Ryvitas. Will not be getting any more. Now I will have to start thinking smart snacks for Primal beings.

    1 Earl Grey tea with milk.

    See you later Journal...

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    Veggie Scramble

    2 eggs, 2 flowers of broccoli, 1 spring onion

    3 slices of bacon

    1 cup of black filtered organic coffee

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    So deeply sorry for your loss.

    It's grandma, but you can call me sir.

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    Thank you Sir G

    Her death was unnecessary I think. I am both deeply saddened and angry at the same time. It moves me to want to spread awareness throughout the schools and the community. Believe it or not, it is possible that the bottom line is worms. Perhaps a tapeworm. In their culture they still have a belief in witchcraft and it is also possible that the witch doctor muti treatment exacerbated her already weakened condition. The doctor said that there are herbal treatments which would have been quite toxic to her already weakened immune system.

    She apparently threw up what looked to her parents like a snake (read white worm) and that was that for them. This information I only got the day before she died. I gave the parents pics of tapeworms and round worms and the mom said it looked like that but she still believed that the evil ones had put it in her daughter. Mak had been sick for three weeks with little water or food staying down. She looked like those awful photos of dying Biafran children, except she was 6 foot and 3 weeks ago was strong, funny and beautiful. I could scream from the highest mountain. It feels as if I have lost my own blood child. She was a very special being.

    Once again - thank you.


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    Journal food log

    Snack - 1 rib celery with 1 Tbs organic peanut butter. This is nearly finished as well. I will move to almond and macadamia butter.

    Drink - 1 cider

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    Hi Journal

    It is a new day.

    Bacon and eggs for breakfast

    (Biltong) Jerky

    1 cup of tea with milk

    1 dry cider

    This is a beautiful day and the garden is gorgeous. Filled with lettuce, mustard spinach, spinach, Chinese cabbage and much more.

    And now for lunch

    Marinades Chicken strips - pan fried


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