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Thread: Some help with 5/3/1 please

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    Some help with 5/3/1 please

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    Well, it's more of a case of me just being fussy etc but I'm heading into Cycle 3 of this program (at the end of my deload of Cycle 2). However, I want to try and get in two cycles before Christmas - messy I know but I'll be taking a week off from the 25th Dec so I'll be skipping the deload between Cycle 3 and Cycle 4 (bear in mind that I don't normally do this etc). So tomorrow and Saturday seem to be a little bit more work than normal - squatting and deadlifting on consecutive days - yes/no? Is there a better way to lay out the below and fit it all in before the 25th? Weekdays I can really only do 1 lift as I'm in work.

    Um, apologies about the layout of it below - if anyone can figure out how to present it better feel free to tell me!

    PHP Code:
    Friday    19/11/2010    Squat MP    Wave 3 (Week 1)
    Saturday    20/11/2010    DL BP    Wave 3 (Week 1)
    Sunday    21/11/2010    -    
    Monday    22/11/2010    -    
    Tuesday    23/11/2010    MP    Wave 3 (Week 2)
    Wednesday    24/11/2010    DL    Wave 3 (Week 2)
    Thursday    25/11/2010    -    
    Friday    26/11/2010    -    
    Saturday    27/11/2010    Squat and Bench    Wave 3 (Week 2)
    Sunday    28/11/2010    -    
    Monday    29/11/2010    -    
    Tuesday    30/11/2010    MP    Wave 3 (Week 3)
    Wednesday    01/12/2010    DL    Wave 3 (Week 3)
    Thursday    02/12/2010    -    
    Friday    03/12/2010    -    
    Saturday    04/12/2010    Squat and Bench    Wave 3 (Week 3)
    Sunday    05/12/2010    -    
    Monday    06/12/2010    -    
    Tuesday    07/12/2010    MP    Wave 4 (Week 1)
    Wednesday    08/12/2010    DL    Wave 4 (Week 1)
    Thursday    09/12/2010    -    
    Friday    10/12/2010    -    
    Saturday    11/12/2010    Squat and Bench    Wave 4 (Week 1)
    Sunday    12/12/2010    -    
    Monday    13/12/2010    -    
    Tuesday    14/12/2010    MP    Wave 4 (Week 2)
    Wednesday    15/12/2010    DL    Wave 4 (Week 2)
    Thursday    16/12/2010    -    
    Friday    17/12/2010    -    
    Saturday    18/12/2010    Squat and Bench    Wave 4 (Week 2)
    Sunday    19/12/2010    -    
    Monday    20/12/2010    -    
    Tuesday    21/12/2010    MP    Wave 4 (Week 3)
    Wednesday    22/12/2010    DL    Wave 4 (Week 3)
    Thursday    23/12/2010    -    
    Friday    24/12/2010    Squat and Bench    Wave 4 (Week 3

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    Is there a particular reason you're trying to get through the cycles before christmas - just so that you have a natural break during your week off? If the quality of your lifting is going to suffer in the lead up to christmas it's going to be a bit counterproductive.

    I guess the only advice is to see how it goes. And with regard to a better way to organise the cycles it again depends on you. Just keep an eye on the quality and results and make your decisions based on this.

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    I wouldn't DL and squat on consecutive days. There are many ways to program this. Combine MP/DL and skip a day before BP/SQ. I did this because I can only get to the gym twice a week. Now I just do Wendler's 6-week cycle with no deload. It's not a huge deal to cut out an assistance exercise if you are pressed for time. Just make sure you hit the big four.

    You could post a reply on Wendler's 5/3/1 discussion over a TNation. For his newest article he is replying himself, or the original article you would get replies from other experienced 5/3/1ers.

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