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Thread: Can I just whine and pout for a minute

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    Can I just whine and pout for a minute

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    I started eating Primal in May (I think) possibly before that and haven't been 100% the whole time, but for the last couple of months I have been 80% or better (at least I think I have). I cut coffee to get rid of the creamer and switched to tea. I cut dairy and gluten completely for 8 days and nothing. I have 4-6 pounds that fluctuate constantly so unless I get below those pounds I don't consider that weight loss. I don't feel better. I lack energy and motivation. I was working out consistently both cardio and weights (p90x and prior to that Chalene Extreme) and now I am tired just walking 3 miles with my son. I don't feel worse, at least not since the headaches are gone, but I don't feel better. My belly LOOKS and FEELS flabby were before it was toned. I am just so frustrated and overwhelmed. I want to lose more weight, but mostly I want to feel good again. I used to go non-stop and not getting tired now I work for a little while and am tired. I am barely 5'5" and weigh between 148-154 depending on the day so I definitely have more weight to lose. I have lost 30 pounds over the last 2 years and have kept it off, but my body just refuses to go below 150 and stay there. Much of that the weight was lost LC (South Beach) so I think my body like the LC. Just frustrated and needed to vent. My blog is in my signature line if you want to check out my eats for the last month. I always record my food, but recently started the blog. It is boring just eats so don't get excited. lol Okay whine over.

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    If that question or any other question like it were posed to my boss he would come back with the standard canned response and I share it now. "Better than anyone else I know."

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    Without being able to see the portion sizes on your blog, it makes it hard for me to guess how many calories you are eating. Would you mind providing a fitday / livestrong breakdown so we can see your actual calorie intake for one of your typical days?

    Also, how many days a week are you doing p90x and weightlifting? Consistently is a little vague, unfortunately.

    How old are you? I might have missed it, because that is one big ass block of text with lots of numbers in it!

    edit: Maybe you are not asking for feedback and just wanted to "whine", but I think people here would be willing to help you fine-tune.

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    Couple of suggestions:

    - I don’t think 8 days are enough to see the benefits (if any are to be had) from cutting dairy and gluten, give it a bit more time. Also, though we hear about it often, some folks experience much rapid weight loss than others when cutting these. However, I strongly believe that unless two people have IDENTICAL lifestyles and genes even it’s futile to think that because Tom lost x amount of weight not eating dairy that I should expect the same. Even if I did everything Tom did exactly as he did, our results would be different.

    - I checked out your blog really quick and to me it doesn’t seem like you’re eating enough. I know the idea of eating more in order to lose weight is confusing but if you eat more of the good stuff that fills you up and give you energy you might find yourself losing… in the long run!

    - I hesitate to recommend fasting to people that are really looking to lose weight because I don’t want them to abuse it and think “oooh! Fasting kinda works! let me just not eat ever” but maybe start skipping breakfast once or twice a week if you’re not hungry. Sometimes we eat at certain intervals just out of habit.

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    Yeah, it doesn't look life you're eating very much.
    You say you gave up gluten and dairy for 8 days. Does that mean you eat gluten now? I didn't see it on your blog.
    My recommendation (if you indeed wanted any, and not just to vent, which we all do sometimes), is to try to go 100% for just 2 weeks. If you aim for 80%, you'll likely hit 50-60%. Aim for 100%, no excuses, for just two weeks. You might be surprised.
    Or not. It's hard to tell, until you do it.

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    I don't use FitDay or others regularly but occasionally input my eats. I tend to go between 1200-1800 depending on the day.

    All meat except chicken is from locally raised pigs and cow (no junk) and my eggs are from my own birds.

    Breakfast portion size: if it is pork it is between 3-5 oz., bacon is 2 thick cut slices, 2 eggs

    Curry is generally half a can of coconut milk, 8-10 shrimp, and 1/2 can bamboo shoots usually poured over some vegetable (cauliflower or zucc.)

    Meat portions in generally around between 4-8 oz. Nuts about an ounce or less Sweet potatoes are small so I will eat a whole one.

    I can go back and enter my eats in a tracker. I hate to do it regularly as my internet is slow and it takes forever plus I tend to obsess too much when I am doing that.

    I was doing p90x as Scheduled in the Lean version, which is basically 2 regular liftdays, a more bodyweight day, and 3 cardio days. I haven't done it in 2 weeks. The first time I did it I went 7.5 weeks when I stopped because my wrist and elbow where starting to really bother me. This time I went 4 weeks and was doing Chalene Extreme prior to that for a few weeks. I also completed the Chalene Extreme program before starting p90x. I lost on Chaleane Extreme both weight and inches, but absolutely nothing on p90x. I usually walk with my son 3 days a week (2-3 miles), but last week didn't get it done. I need to get back to the weights ASAP.

    I am 36. Just under 5'5" and carry my weight in my butt and thighs.

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    I'm sorry I wasn't very clear in my whining. lol

    I rarely eat gluten. I stopped eating gluten before I even started primal. I do have it on occasion but mostly avoid. I recently stopped the dairy in addition to the gluten. The dairy I stopped about 1.5 half ago with a few slips due to visiting out of town friends. 8 days is the longest I have made it COMPLETELY dairy free.

    I am not hungry and I eat a snack if I get hungry. Usually some nuts. I suppose I should input my eats and see where I am again. I cook in a lot of fat either bacon grease or coconut oil. My brussel sprout lunches are huge and I am FuLL when I am done. Kinda was stuck on those for a bit. I LOVE them. Trying to back off as they do make me bloated.

    I appreciate the feedback.

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    That is a LOT of exercise with not a lot of calories. Cut back on the exercise some or up the food some, but right now you are taxing your body very very strongly which is why you are tired and not seeing results.

    I just did some calculations for you and here is what I think:

    Your total calories should be 1700 - 2100 based on your height/weight and activity level. I actually under-estimated your activity level with this because I think you are doing too much. Focus on 2 or 3 days of lifting and a couple days of fast paced walking for awhile and see what happens.
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    Thanks Rivvin-

    May I ask how you got the calories. I used an on-line source can't remember which now and was lower than that. I will definitely get back to lifting. The fast walking I've got covered since I walk with my son and he has VERY LONG legs. I practically have to run to keep up. lol

    I am going to go back through my journals to and try to see if I can see any patterns. I have a been that have macros all broke down.

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    Then I just applied the Harris Benedict equation to it.

    edit: this is assuming you don't want to lose weight ridiculously fast and instead want to maintain physical capability... which is why I put you at 1700 - 2100 instead of 1500 - 1900.

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