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    Primal dog people??

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    Where are all the dog owners? Who owns what?

    I am asking because I am looking for a dog. I have had Schnauzers growing up, but now that I am primal, I want a more sporty dog. Looking to get either a Golden Retriever or Irish Red and White Setter.

    What do you guys have?

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    Near Tulsa, Ok
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    Bostons, they can be sporty, but without the size of a lab etc.......Love my boston's, you just have to be ok with a snoring dog.

    We also have a schnauzer/shi tzu cross, or my son does anyway........yippy thing, and not sporty at all. He tries to talk, and grumbles everytime he lays down, which is often.
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    I have a shar-pei/ boxer cross, and 2 pitbulls.

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    2 cavalier king charles spaniels... lovely dogs, would highly recommend them, but can be prone to have cloth ears when you want them to come back NOW!

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    I don't have dog yet, but will also be looking for one as soon as I'm able and most definitely at an animal shelter. I'm perfectly fine getting an all around mutt as generally they are less prone to the common ailments that effect pure bred dogs. I imagine my dog will be border collie in likeness, smarts and energy!

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    We have two shelter mutts. One is a Bernese mix and the other some kind of hound. Both are active and sporty, love to hike and run. Dogs are excellent for reminding you to Play.
    If you are very active & have time & willingness to train, Border Collie mixes are awesome!!! They have tons of energy and smarts, and shelters are full of them. Australian Shepards are also active, intelligent dogs, and there are more and more of them out there.
    Retrievers and Setters have wonderful personalities, are also high energy but not so much as the herding breeds, and are lots of fun. We think our girl is a Setter mix and she is just incredibly sweet and up for anything. She will follow her nose though, so she's not great at recall and will do her best to get out of the yard when we're at work.
    Remember to look at shelters and breed rescues! They can tell you about a dog's individual personality so you know you're getting a good match, AND they save the lives of good dogs who have been rejected by thoughtless people. Shelter dogs rock!

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    I have two Papillons.
    What kind of sports? Papillons can do agility.
    Lily will go on 2 hour walks with me.
    The can both outrun me, easily
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    17 retired racing greyhounds (plus a foster greyhound) and one staghound (essentially a greyhound/deerhound mix).

    I think they're a very primal breed: they prefer to mostly move at slow pace with a few reeeeeeeeeeeeeally fast sprints every so often. They aren't much into lifting heavy things though LOL

    I love the temperament of sighthounds and will most likely only ever own different varieties of them, but if I wanted a more "all purpose" breed, I'd probably opt for a doberman. A sporty breed, I love wire pointers or german shorthaired pointers. I don't like dogs with a lot of coat b/c I hate grooming.
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    I have an Aussie (Australian Shepherd) and have fostered other Aussies - I love the breed. Smart, loyal, loving, and very willing to listen and obey. They are also major shedders, they are highly energetic and require a lot of exercise and have no tails (which keeps things on coffee tables). :P

    I do love all dogs, and I hope you have a great time with your new addition. Considering adopting through a rescue. There are so many wonderful dogs already available, trained, and waiting for you.

    My user name is And Tucker Too - after my first Aussie who I trained for Search - Tucker. He was one in a million. Jimmy, the guy in the avatar, is a doll, but he isn't quite Tucker - which is fine. I adore Jimmy too.

    Tucker hamming it up at puppy training class. I call this Ambassador Tucker of the Canine Brigade. :P
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