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    Bird ate from food

    Is it bad to eat from food that bird (Great Tit) ate? It's often told that bird feces is a vector of diseases but I guess it's not that bad if it only came in contact with the nose?

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    I wouldn't. What about bird flu!!
    Animals don't understand about germs in the same way humans do..... Well actually animals don't even know germs exist!

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    Meh... I guess it sort of depends. I'd regularly share my food with my rats and eat after them.

    I'm curious how you'd end up eating after a bird.

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    I would eat food that my wife or kids chewed on, and the human mouth is a rotting cesspool of bacteria.

    (sounds bad, but it's true)

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    If you ate from the food first, I'd actually be more concerned about the bird's health ;-)
    But really---what happened.
    We need to know.

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    My dog eats from food that my bird drops all the time and has never had any problems. I don't know that I ever have but after having a bird for 25 years, which has included tickling him and touching his beak I don't think I have ever had any problems. Then again he is not exposed to other birds which might carry disease. Okay, I guess I should just say, I don't know.

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