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Thread: Primal approved Mac n' Cheese??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minxxa View Post
    The best fake mac n cheese EVAH.

    MOCKAFONI & CHEESE - Linda's Low Carb Menus & Recipes

    Srsly. My kids love it. I fed it to my girlfriend who HATES cauliflower and she loved it. I usually do not do substitute types of food, but every once in a while you need comfort foods and this delivers all the good stuff with none of the bad. (And after a while you don't need or want the subs as much but it can be good as a bridge from the old ways...)

    This is one of mine:

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    I know this thread is really old, but I just made this recipe today for a grill-out party I'm going to. We are have having freshly made primal polish sausage and I was looking for a comfort-food side dish to serve with the sausages.

    I used fresh cauliflower, not frozen, made the sauce on the stove top, added a little tapioca starch to thicken, and added a little parmesan cheese. I topped it at the end with extra chopped scallions and chives.

    So very delicious!! I highly recommend it for the occasional comfort food side dish
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    Anything with cheese makes me happy and now this link has reminded me that I love cauliflower cheese, put it all under the grill until crusty on top. Serious amounts of yum!
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    Cauliflower mac and cheese

    Hubby LOVES LOVES LOVE this. Its his primal comfort food. I like it if I "burn" the top a little so there is a crunchy crust. I don't bother with the mustard-its great without it. However, if you don't do dairy then this recipe won't work.
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