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    Question Mild Foods for Upset Stomach?

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    Even the best of us primal eaters get stomach bugs, especially if we have kids in school. What primal foods do you recommend for recovery? CW recommends saltines and ginger ale. Is there a primal equivalent?

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    I had serious nausea during a bout of pneumonia earlier this fall-I ate when I could and fasted the rest.

    Worked for me, dunno if its 'right' or not.

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    Home-made bone broth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuirkyPixy View Post
    Home-made bone broth.


    or make an all-out soup, with chicken thighs and various veggies. Squash for sure... Oh man. I need to get myself sick. I've been sick once since I went Primal and it was only a three day thing...

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    Ginger tea is still good.

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    i would recommend the following:

    1. herbal tea of some sort--non stimulating. depends upon the particular illness. ginger can be hit or miss (depends upon the person and illness). mint and camomile are calming, so they can help pretty much anyone. roobois is particularly good if you need to rehydrate.

    2. bone broth/soup--absolutely, definitely, go for it.

    3. all natural sodas--now, this takes some prep, but it is good for ya. unfortunately, it requires some form of sugar. fortunately, the sugar is all gone by the time you go to drink it, because it is eaten by the bacteria. so, here is a nifty little blog about how to make natural sodas. it's a fermented beverage. probably not considered at all primal or what have you, but there you go. takes about 2 weeks to make the sodas, and if you keep them in a cool place (fridge, root cellar, etc), they should keep for quite a long time.

    4. carbonated spring water (primal?) anyway, it's just water plus gas, but it can help settle the stomach.

    because we have a bit of a bug here, i'm having a lot of bone broth plus some bok choy and a bit of ginger in it, roobois tea (it's a dehydrating bug), and carbonated spring water because i don't have any soda ready.

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    Sauerkraut may be beneficial for an upset stomach. Do a search on it.

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    I eat kimchi. Kind of like sauerkraut, but tastier (IMO). If you tolerate dairy, Greek yogurt can be soothing and also has beneficial bacteria. I personally find avocado soothing as well.

    Ultimately, I still often find that that I want something mild and starchy when my stomach is being cranky. Baked sweet potatoes are perfect for that!
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